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USS Blackwell
Position Medical Officer
Rank Ensign
Species Klingon
Gender Male

Ensign Kol'Vat is currently serving as a medical officer aboard the USS Blackwell, part of the Andaris Task Force.


  • Full name: Kol'Vat of the House of Biroq
  • Date of birth (Age): 45
  • Species: Klingon
  • Gender: male
  • Hair color: no hair
  • Eye color:brown
  • Height:1.80


  • Parents: Qoran and Le'an
  • Siblings: none
  • Spouse: none (currently). Widow
  • Children: 2 doughter, Gayna and In'Gr

Physical Appearance

To be a pure blooded klingon Kol'Vat appears more slender and snappy bearing than the common klingon physical constitution.


He'e a descendant by his father's lineage from the ancient klingon War Master Biroq, who was given the honor by the Emperor Kaldon. Biroq led the conquest of the Samnati of Ty'Gokor, the first world outside the Klingon home system to be brought under the flag of the Klingon Empire. Biroq's martial triunphs were many, includind this single handed defeat of the guards who defended the Samnatti oligarchs. So his House his very proud of this excellent past and has developed, through the centuries, a strong thought of Klingon superiority over all other races and they also profess the return to an ancient purity of Klingon culture. Kol'Vat growned up in this context has developedon the contrary an obstinate opposition to this logic, opposing himself from early age to the family ideals. At 17 Years old He's been forced by his family to take the pledge of the natural born warrior by Subjecting himself at the traditional Shak'Tah: two day and two nights, wtihout food and compass, passed completely alone in the Forest of Voqtah, in which the legends told to be populated by ghosts and terryfing demons It was said that Younglings would find their interior way through the art of war and survivor. Kol'Vat had there some visions: He saw himself not kill but save, not fight against tremendous foes, but fight against unknown virus. So we returned from the Shak'Tah He took the decision to follow his vision and become a doctor. This decision broke the relationship with all his family member and brought hime, without economic supports, all alone with his sole forces to study Medicine on earth, at HMS - Harvard Medical School, among humans and other races and not continue the warrior tradition anyway. After 5 years He ended with moderate success his studies and then He married with Sona Caliqa, an human engineer. A terrorist attack brought by the Dominion forces Sona died, leaving him with his dougher Gayna of 6 years old. After 2 years from the death of Sona, He decide to make another important turnstyle of life and entered the StarFleet Academy, applying for the Medical Division. Meanwhile, in Academy, he felt in love for T'Para, a vulcan female instructor of Physics, and during the 5th year of course, they had a doughter, In'Gr, half vulcan/half klingon.

Psychological Profile

He found frequently fight himself within against the pulse of a natural xenophoby, a sort of genetical heritage from his family. He have inevitably a natural tendence at find other races afflicted by subcultures in comparison with the Honorable Klingon tradition. He have made specific psycologist session to pass through these tendences and equilibrate in him the valor given to xenocultures. He's passed the trauma of Sona's Death, but He has some difficult to engagé fully himself in the relationship with T'Para, in particular they have frequent discussions and misuderstanding. Indeed the mix between typical logic approach of Vulcans and klingon passionate style.

Specialties and Skills

Xenobiology, Virology, Surgery

Hobbies and Interests

He likes to read ancient Klingon chronicles and study Vulcan Logic of Surak... He loves knowing others races's culture Sportively he's a daily runner and He likes also to play Squash.

Service History

Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
STO Cadet1st Teal.jpg
Cadet First Class 239501.29 Graduated Starfleet Academy Medical Officer
STO Ensign Teal.jpg
Ensign 239501.29 - Present Andaris Task Force: USS Blackwell Medical Officer

Awards & Service Ribbons

For award descriptions, see: Awards and Service Ribbons
Awards and Service Ribbons
Award Name Date/Assignment Citation
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Year or Stardate
Starfleet Academy
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