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Kivis Sector
Sigma Dorphus Sector
Free Haven Sector
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  • it's orbit is approximately 61 million km from it's star
  • a class M planet with a diameter of 14,781 km (9,238 miles).
  • a density of 5.3 and a gravity of 1.12 G's
  • a minor seasonal variation due to there being an axial tilt of 9%
  • daytime temperatures are on average between 32C and 40C, while the night time temperatures can drop to 20C to 28C
  • only about 33% surface water
  • an atmosphere with a pressure of about 0.89 earth normal with nitrogen 73%, oxygen 22% and argon 5%
  • with a year of 218 days, each day 28 hours long
  • primary terrain features are forests and jungle


  • unknown at this time

Orbiting Satellites

Their is a network of 50 orbiting satellites around this planet. They have advanced jamming technology and block all scans of the planet below. They also have an advanced defensive system easily capable of preventing any ship from getting to close or from entering the atmosphere.


The people have never needed to struggle for food. Due to this they have developed into a peaceful race with lots of time to think, dance and create works of art.


Pleasant environment with good long growing seasons. Mild weather with few bad storms.


They have a council with elected representatives from each community. When ever one of the representatives wish's to be replaced his community will pick a new replacement for him.


Their capitol is by far the largest city on the planet. It is huge with over 30 million people living in it. It is well laid out with many parks. Almost every park has al lease one statue of one kind or another but the main park in the center of the city has over 100 statues rangeing in size from over 50 feet for the central statue to normal humanoid size ones.


The Kavis people are a humanoid species that have developed a society of artists and thinkers.

They appear to be typical humanoids with the following exceptions. They have no hair of any kind. Their ears are small openings low down on the side of their heads. Their skin tone is a dark reddish brown. They wear soft flowing robes of pastel shades and light sandles.


Their are about 286 million Kavis on this planet.

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