Kendra Eberhart

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Andaris Task Force
Kendra Eberhart
Kendra Eberhart
Position Reporter
Rank Civilian
Species Human/El Aurian Hybrid
Gender Female
DOB 235812.18
Age 42
Birthplace Tycho City (The moon), Sol System
Writer ID C238805AC0

Kendra Eberhart is a FNS reporter for Andaris Task Force.


  • Height: 167CM
  • Weight: 60KG
  • Hair: Wavy Brown, Usually kept in a single braid while on duty
  • Eyes: Green
  • Build: Athletic


Kendra Eberhart was born to Kya Eberhart (Mother, El-Aurian) and Sampson Beynon (Father, Human). Kendra's conception was neither planned nor expected but Kya welcomed her daughter nonetheless lovingly. Kendra spent her formative years on Tycho City with her parents till they separated. Kya worked as an architect while her father was a self proclaimed drifter. Sampson eventually left back on his search for who knows what.

Mean while Kendra and Kya also moved on from Tycho and onto a small colony populated with an odd amount of other El-Aurians. It was here that Kendra finished her schooling and would eventually meet Cosima Tau, a FNS reporter. Having finished her formal education and just starting to wonder what to do with the rest of her life, she found herself involved in a strange set of circumstances that culminated with Kendra being offered an apprenticeship from Cosima Tau. Kendra was initially intrigued by the woman's personality and loved the idea of being a reporter, travelling the galaxy, meeting interesting people and the like so she readily accepted.

What Kendra quickly learned though was that the job she had dived head first into was far less glamorous then the reporter had made it sound. Instead of interviewing people or sightseeing, Kendra was charged with all manner of tasks that enabled Cosima engage in the more glamorous affairs. She also quickly learned that Cosima was something of an acquired taste. But neither fact mattered as she had taken a liking to the work and as time went on she developed skills in holo-photography, video editing, even things like very basic shuttle piloting. Furthermore under the demanding eyes of Cosima, Kendra began to show "acceptable" levels of talent when it came to writing her own news stories, as Cosima put it.

So much so that when Cosima Tau was promoted from field reporting and with Cosima's recommendation, Kendra was finally granted the title of FNS reporter. Kendra's first posting was in the Andaris Task Force. The FNS tasked Kendra with exploring the "real" face of starfleet on the fringes, and while there to keep an eye on the developing political situation.


  • Cosima Tau

Cosima Tau, also known to a select few most of whom are lawyers as Collean Tyson, is an experienced and well read FNS reporter whom Kendra spent a great deal of time working for as her assistant. The extant of Kendra's assistants to Cosima was ultimately but not limited to things like shuttle piloting, operation and maintenance of camera and audio equipment, video editing and other editorial task, and general cleaning up after. To say that Cosima was a difficult person to get on with is an understatement of galactic proportions. But at the same time Cosima was almost fanatically fun loving and personally engaging. How much of that was an act, Kendra never figured out and a large part of her never wants too. That said she is just as thankful to be out from under the diva and on her own now as there were times that Kendra thought that Cosima was too fixated on the wrong details of a situation.

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