Jian Kuan Yuen

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Jian Kuan Yuen.jpg
Jian Kuan Yuen
Position Federation Security Inspector
Rank Civilian
Species Human/El-Aurian
Gender Male
DOB 229811.03
Age 102

Jian Kuan Yuen is an El-Aurian/Human Federation Security Inspector


  • Height: 6'5"
  • Build: Swimmer's build


The third born son of Jakarn’s ever growing brood, Jian has a an analytical mind and the kind of charm that naturally puts people at ease. Like Ishani, Jian has recently experienced a sideways slide into his current career, though less drastic than his older sister’s. Jian started out as a forensic anthropologist, before moving into general forensics and then finally investigation, which he’s found suits him far better.

About thirty years ago a mutual friend arranged for Jian and Ishani to be set up on a blind date. They had an instant connection, but during the get to know you phase of the date discovered that they were actually half siblings which blew up any desire for a relationship out of orbit. Despite that awkward encounter, he realized he wanted to meet more of his half siblings and, after weedling the information out of their father, has gone on to meet with many of them and form connections in the years since.

While not currently married, one of his previous marriages resulted in two children, a son and a daughter, long since fully grown. He has a good relationship with both of his children and as of this point he has no grandchildren.

Recent Events

During the Cruising for a Bruisin mission in 2394, Jian was undercover aboard the Starliner Meridia gathering evidence on dealer in exotic, dangerous pets. This threw him into the middle of the crew's investigation in the murders aboard the vessel, and so he revealed himself and offered his assistance relatively early. After the situation was resolved, he spent a few days on the Starbase visiting with some of his half-siblings.