Martzel Aiza

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Martzel Aiza.jpg
Martzel Aiza
Position Lawyer
Rank Civilian
Species Human/El-Aurian
Gender Male
DOB 228207.21
Age 118

Martzel Aiza is an El-Aurian/Human lawyer specializing in international law.


  • Height: 6'8"
  • Build: Lean, muscular


The second born of Jakarn’s hybrid brood, Martzel also inherited his father’s charm and good looks, though not the party boy attitude. Calm and unflappable, Martzel is well known for his people skills, oration ability, perfect memory and vast knowledge of the law in all its forms, all of which have made him a master in both the courtroom and in the political institutions of the Federation. After over eighty years in international law, Martzel is considered almost an institution by himself.

While not a traditional workaholic, Martzel’s long term personal life can be split between family related connections and work related ones only. He has a few failed marriages under his belt, all to women as career focused and romantically indifferent as he was (hence the reason for the failure), none of which have produced children.

He’s close with his elder brother Sharkalis, who he met by accident, despite their seemingly contrasting personalities.