Sharkalis Irissa

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Sharkalis Irissa.jpg
Sharkalis Irissa
Position Business Owner
Rank Civilian
Species Risian/El-Aurian
Gender Male
DOB 227304.09
Age 127
Birthplace Risa

Sharkalis Irissa is an El-Aurian/Risian businessman who focuses the entertainment industry.


  • Height: 6'7"
  • Build: Bulky and muscular


The first born of Jakarn’s numerous half El-Aurian children, Sharkalis is the one who takes after him the most. He inherited his father’s charming, gregarious, flirty nature, party boy tendencies and libido, though Sharkalis lacks his father’s masks and manipulation skills. He makes friends and lovers easily, and is generally interested in people for themselves rather than any outside use they might have for his goals.

Despite his personality Sharkalis is actually a very savvy businessman and real estate mogul. He owns several successful nightclubs, restaurants and resorts, and has recently begun expanding his business empire beyond Risa’s borders and into mixed Federation space.

He has his own army of children, grandchildren and even a few great grandchildren (the vast majority of which are mostly Risian), all of whom he is a loving and indulgent father/grandfather/great grandfather to.

Of the siblings he has interacted with, Sharkalis gets along with them all, though he is closest to Martzel. He also has several half siblings through his mother though, due to his physiology taking after his father’s side, he’s no longer as close with them as he was when they were all younger.