Independence-A Promotion Ceremony 238602.09

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((1900 – Later the same day as the briefing))

::The captain of the Prometheus-class Independence looked out over the group assembled in the Free Spirit, the ship's lounge. A nice dinner had been laid out in buffet-style as a small celebration, with foods from each homeworld represented in the senior crew.::

Mar: Welcome to our little celebration. Every year Starfleet Command makes a point of taking the time to honor stand-outs across the fleet. I have a list of those so honored.

Sarion, Lt. Karynn Ehlanii, Commander Ethan Brice, Commander Cara Maria… front and center.

::She waited until the crewmembers reached the small podium, then continued.::

Mar: Sarion Matsur has integrated better and better over the last year into operations aboard Starfleet ships, despite not wearing a uniform herself. In recognition of this, she is being given the Barclay Bead.

Karynn Ehlanni has constantly shared with us her own and our own secrets, parts of her life that don't necessarily deal with duty hours. For that, she is receiving the B-Plot Award. She has also been instrumental in the researching and recording of several new species over the last year. For this, she is additionally being awarded the Nebula Bar.

Lt. Commander Brice, during an incident that involved my kidnapping, took one for the team… a chandelier to be exact. This was a trial for him, physically and emotionally and I'm sure he was enlightened by the experience.

::She heard groans at the bad pun; allowing a moment for them to pass, Idril continued.::

Mar: For this, he has been granted the Order of the Sheathed Sword.

Commander Maria is not the typical officer. She takes a usual problem and more often than not finds an unusual solution to it. With this in mind, she is being awarded the Scotty Cross.

::As she spoke, the Trill pinned each person's award onto their uniform or, in Sarion's case, handed the award to her in its wooden box.::

Mar: I have one additional award before I leave the stage and let everyone move on to their food. Lt. William Rogers, please join me up here.

::The redhead smiled as the young man joined her.::

Mar: Over the last few missions, on both Ronin and Independence, Mr. Rogers has shown his versatility and dedication to his crewmates, his ship and Starfleet. On the recommendation of the command staff and with my own blessing, Mr. Rogers, I'm promoting you to the rank of Lt. Commander. Congratulations.

::She pinned the extra half-pip on the man's collar and shook his hand.::

Mar: Now, everyone enjoy the food and have a good evening.


Captain Idril Mar
USS Independence-A