Gwen Hilzarie

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Crew of Starbase 118
Gwen Hilzarie

  • Gender: Female
  • Position: Chief Medical Officer
  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Race: Betazoid
  • Spouse: Rocar Drawoh-Hilzarie (Separated)
  • Children:
    • Cheliz Hilzarie (daughter)
    • Xan Hilzarie (son)

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Basic Information

  • Current Rank: Ensign (Temporary)
  • Duty Post: Counselor
  • Current Vessel: USS Vigilant
  • Date Assigned: 229004.21
  • Species: Betazoid
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: 230106.26
  • Place of Birth: Betazed


  • Hair Color: Dark Auburn
  • Eye Color: Black
  • Height: 5'6


  • Mother: Naomi Hilzarie, Head of Psychology, University of Betazed. Currently Regent of the 7th House.
  • Father: Altigan Hilzarie, President, University of Betazed, Deceased
  • Siblings: Kayleigh Hilzarie, age 27, Nondi Hilzarie, age 18
  • Spouse: Captain Rocar Drawoh Hilzarie (Currently Separated according to Betazoid law)
  • Children: Xan & Cheliz Hilzarie, Twins, age 9 (they have the appearance and intelligence of Terran 22 year olds and are currently attending Starfleet Academy)

Personal History

As the first daughter of her father Gwen is the heir to the 7th house of Betazed. Her Mother and Father enjoyed an idyllic marriage and Gwen never wanted for anything. Her father is head of the University of Betazed while her mother heads up the psychology department at the University. As a child Gwen found herself fascinated with xenobiology and longed to join Starfleet to put her interest to good use. She graduated from UB second in her class and attended John Hopkins Medical School on Earth where she graduated with high honors with an MD and a Ph.D. in psychology before attending the Academy to become a Starfleet officer. A powerful telepath, Gwen spends a good deal of time using Vulcan meditation to clear in mind, a necessity when living among so many humans. These techniques were taught to her by her childhood friend T'Lara who is the ex-wife of Fleet Captain Hebron.

After joining Starfleet she met Rocar Drawoh a fellow medical officer at the time and fell in love, given that this was her first love he also became her Imzadi, the Betazoid word for “Beloved” or “The First”. Shortly about a year after she joined Starfleet her father the head of the 7th house passed away, Rocar and Gwen traveled to Betazed to attend the funeral. Being the eldest daughter Gwen then became the head of the 7th house, however her mother Naomi currently holds Regency as Gwen’s Starfleet career interferes with many of her official duties. Gwen’s relationship with Rocar developed and Rocar eventually proposed, shortly after which Gwen discovered she was pregnant. Rocar and Gwen were married by Fleet Captain Hebron on Betazed and a few short months later gave birth to the couple’s twins, Xan Hilzarie, named for Fleet Captain Xan Herbon and Cheliz Hilzarie (Che for Short), named for Captain Cheliz Dacht who had recently passed on before the birth. Rocar’s career continued to advance eventually obtaining the rank of Fleet Captain, during this advance in his career the strain of a fleet marriage eventually took its toll. They separated and Gwen returned to Betazed to accept the position of head of the Betazoid Medical Council. According to both Betazoid and Katarian tradition the marriage was not officially ended, however the couple still remain estranged. Xan and Che split their time between their two parents eventually choosing to follow both their parents in to Starfleet, due to their half Katarian DNA they experience accelerated growth and intelligence the twins though are chronologically 9 have the maturity, appearance and intelligence of Terran 22 year olds.

After four years out of Starfleet Gwen felt the yearnings to return to her chosen career path and has recently been assigned to the USS Vigilant.

Telepathic Rating: T-5, E-5.

Professional History

Gwendalyn entered the academy after spending several years traveling the Galaxy learning about the various species that populate the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. She keeps an extensive data base with medical information given to her in confidence by various species and therefore not in the standard medical database.

She entered the academy and after graduation was assigned to SB 118 as a medical officer. Shortly after her arrival there was an outbreak of Naeveus which, through the efforts of the medical staff was contained.

She was assigned to the USS Tiger temporarily and upon her arrival back to the base remembered nothing of her trip.

She was promoted to Lt.Jg. and given the Counselor position.

Promoted to Full Lieutenant.

Promoted to Lt. Commander

After being assigned to the Embassy Gwen was offered an Administrative position in charge of Personnel and Diplomacy.

Gwen was reassigned back to the Counselors position and held it for over a year.

Gwen has recently been given the CMO post at the Embassy.

Transferred to The USS Constitution with the rest of the senior Staff as CMO

Gwendalyn Hilzarie Has been given the following awards:

The Silver Palm 2004 The Xalor Clan Xifilis Award 2003 The Order of the Valiant Heart 2004

Character Data

Previous Ships Served On: SB 118, USS Dominance, USS Tiger, USS Resolution, USS CONSTITUTION-B


Likes: Chocolate, speaking telepathically, xenobiology and biochemisty. Music, a talented singer. Spending time with her twins and her husband. Dislikes: Weapons of any kind, telepathic noise, heights.

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