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Genkos Sim
Full Name Genkos Sim
Position Maquis Combat Medic
Species Betazed
Gender Male
Date of Birth 6th June
Age Middle twenties
Birthplace Dekoa, Betazed

Genkos Sim is currently a member of the Maquis, serving aboard the Skarbek


  • Height: 6'1"
  • Build: Slim
  • Hair: Dark brown; short but wavy.
  • Eyes: Black
  • Skin Tone: Pale
  • Distinguishing Features: Missing his left leg almost completely, almost always seen in his chair


This Genkos was far more brutal and intense than the one aboard the Gorkon, he was hardened by the severity of war. He was also a functional alcoholic who was never seen without his trusty hipflask.

Personal History

Genkos Sim grew up on Betazed, but he remembers very little of this time. He was drawn into the Maquis conflict by his father, Tillul, known as the Butcher of Betazed, a vicious Maquis freedom fighter. They were both combat medics who had no qualms about letting people die, but who did their best to keep people alive. Tillul's knowledge of anatomy was incredibly useful for Maquis interrogation situations, and he passed this on to Genkos. Unfortunately Tillul was killed in a Cardassian bombing run, and Genkos lost his leg. Since then he has been stuck in a chair, which was built by him and the man who saved his life, Yiggtissi. The pair of them then began fighting as Maquis together, and had become inseparable friends. On Devro, Genkos started a fight with some rather fierce Klingons, and only the intervention of Yiggs was able to save him. They were both saved from the brutality of Chok, a nasty Proxcinian by Brunsig and the crew of the Skarbek.

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This

Genkos was in the DMZ with Yiggs, Marshall and Stoyer, saving wounded from the medical centre which had been bombed out by the Cardassians. Hiding in the underground tunnels, they snuck back into the medical centre and transported aboard the Skarbek, but not before engaging in a firefight with some Cardassians and blowing up the medical centre. Once aboard, he and Yiggs made their wounded comfortable before visiting their prisoner, the Starfleet Commander Quinn Reynolds. They didn't get much out of her, at all, before leaving her alone again. On returning to sickbay, they discovered the strange brainwaves present in Krugol and Genkos posited the theory they were all asleep. Brunsig however, shot him down, so he and Yiggs went for food in the galley. Heading back to his quarters with Vondaryan to discuss the dream theory some more, they were interrupted by the discovery of Quinn Reynolds' badly beaten body in her quarters. Taking her to sickbay, they realised her brain waves marked her as being awake, whilst everybody else was still "asleep". Erin Reynolds suggested a merging of her, her sister's and Genkos' minds which is where Genkos was when they all woke up.

Together in Electric Dreams

'Kos, like the rest of the crew, was present at the memorial service for Trellis, Groznin, Emilia, Ferier, Thalas and Yiggtissi, during which he and Vee (Valesha Sienelis) agreed to travel to the memorial rock together. He was more bitter and angry than he had been, snapping at Sweet Pea (Ghant Xerix, his sometime bunkmate) although the two did return to ‘Kos’ quarters together.

Very early the next morning ‘Kos left before Ghant awoke, bumping into Sylvek (Loxley), who had been looking for him. Sylvek had wanted to know what they needed from the supply run into town, although they ended up drinking whiskey and getting to know one another a little better. He went back to a now empty bed.

The next morning the ship took off, which ‘Kos in Sickbay with Tails (Tali Namura) and Wigs (Corliss Fortune). They sorted out a few of the old boxes of supplies, seeing what was reusable, before the ship arrived at their destination.

To explore the wreckage of the Fourcade, ‘Kos was assigned to lead a group including Sweet Pea, Sylvek and Wigs to find any survivors. After triggering and disarming a holographic Cardassian firefight that the survivors were using as a distraction, they set up a triage in the cargo bay. ‘Kos was forced to return to the Skarbek with a badly injured Trill, but unfortunately he lost the patient, which made him very angry indeed. He returned to the Fourcade, helping the others to find Thomas Burke, and then taking him to the Fourcade’s mess of a Sickbay, where ‘Kos found the body of Doctor Said. Attempting to return to the cargo bay, they found Sweet Pea, Wigs and Elle instead. ‘Kos send Burke back with Wigs and Sylvek, choosing to remain with Sweet Pea and Elle as they made their way to Engineering. They ended up in brief firefight with some Cardassians, which resulted in ‘Kos shooting an EPS conduit and fairly melting two of the soldiers.

On arrival in Engineering, they discovered Caedan Nkai, Ayiana “Red” Sevo and Tasha “Sparks” MacFarlane in a fight with Cardassians. ‘Kos lost control of his wrath here, and impaled one on a makeshift spear and beat another one to a pulp with his hands. This second one was later interrogated by Red and ‘Kos, although his information was non-revelatory. ‘Kos returned to the cargo bay with Red and Sparks in order to beam across survivors and prisoners another team had found. After a transporter malfunction caused the death of one prisoner, ‘Kos lost his temper at Sparks, causing an argument between the three of them which lasted until the Q brought them back out of the collective… punishment.

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