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Jocelyn Marshall
Full Name Jocelyn Marshall
Position Technician
Species Human
Gender Female
Date of Birth 236902.05
Age 26
Birthplace Volan III

Jocelyn Marshall is currently a member of the Maquis, serving aboard the Skarbek. A Human brought up on a Bajoran colony in the Demilitarised Zone. She tries to stay optimistic, to slip in a joke with her humour where she can, stay on the side of ethical, and keep her crew alive. They're the only family she's got left.


  • Height: 1.72m (5'8)
  • Build: Athletic, Lean
  • Hair: Dark Blonde
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Skin Tone: Light
  • Distinguishing Features: Visible scars on forehead and right cheek.


Hobbies and Pastimes

Mechanics: Jo has always been one to pick something up to take it apart and see how it worked. She built her motorcycle and keeps it stashed in her limited personal space. When off ship, she has been known to sleep on it, should the need arise. Sometimes on the ship too.
Athleticism: She has maintained the habit of keeping fit from her days of trying to keep one step ahead of the Cardassians on her homeworld, and holds it a big part of her lifestyle, including cardio training and weightlifting.
Drawing: When she can't sleep, she draws, usually what she can see but sometimes memories. Medium is usually charcoal on scavenged paper.

Likes and Dislikes

Likes: Not dying, being active, not staying in one place for too long, getting to go out on her bike, quiet evenings in her own space, proper coffee, and the Bajoran dessert Hasperat Soufflé but there's little chance of getting them on the road.
Dislikes: Dying, making impossible decisions in the moment, people being unethical and unscrupulous for the sake of it, getting injured, getting slowed down, inactivity, being lonely, nose bleeds.

Living Quarters

With almost less space than a good sized dining room table, Jo keeps whatever she does have to an absolute minimum. Her bike is either in her quarters or if it needs work, somewhere else. On her wall is a collage of images she's drawn from memory, like her parents, plants from Volan III, or people on their ship. There are a modicum of plants, courtesy of the Botanist's influence or inability to be away from greenery for a stretch, and she's yet to kill one of them, though she suspects Erin just gave her very hardy plants.

Working Areas

If you can't find her on the Bridge, she'll be in Engineering. She doesn't like being too far away from Cory Stoyer, just in case he tries to set himself alight or something.



  • Marital Status: In a relationship with Erin Reynolds
  • Number of children: None that she's aware of.
  • Father: Luther Marshall (KIA)
  • Mother: Robin Marshall (KIA)
  • Older Brother: Orson "Bear" Marshall, Starfleet


  • Ornu Iy - Former leader of the Volan III Maquis resistance cell. Known for extreme acts of terrorism. Deceased.
  • Cory Stoyer - The engineer she calls "Stripper" has saved her backside more times than she can count, and she's done likewise for him. Since joining the Maquis, she's had his back, and between them, they try and get the job done. She's his wingman for his foray into matters of the loins and shakes her head at him so much it causes gravitational issues on the ship. Her friend 'till the end, whether that's his or hers.
  • Erin Reynolds - The Botanist, who willingly gave up having any actual personal living space and dedicated it to plants instead. She loves winding her up to see her laugh, reminding her to eat when she's lost in the wild wonderland of potted flora, being in her quarters because they smell great, and picking her up because she's tiny and ferocious. Erin applies a light touch to everything; that delicate nature she has that can turn fire and brimstone, the adoration she has for cultivating life, her humourous side quick with a sharp wit, and the way her smile lights her up. Jo is head over heels for the hybrid; entirely hers in mind, body and soul.
  • Walter Brunsig - Captain of the Skarbek. She does her best for him, he makes sure she doesn't meet a sticky end. Fast friends, though neither would admit it with ardor, and Jo trusts the man more than most. It's a mutually beneficial arrangement that usually ends in whiskey. According to science, whiskey is technically a solution...
  • Valen Carys - Walter's wife, now deceased, was a guiding hand for Jo when she first joined the cell. Their shared Bajoran heritage, if not genetic for the human, meant long nights chatting with kava-sweetened jin’sarra. Jo was devastated when the woman passed away and is yet the only person she has ever chanted the full two-hour death dirge for.
  • Genkos Adea - The doctor in the chair, Jo forged a closer friendship to the man following the events on Outpost Schulman. Since then, they've drank heady concoctions and sang the night away on many an occasion. She appreciates his unique perspective and humour.

Personal History

Jo was born on Volan III, a Federation colony world in the Cardassian sector of the Demilitarised Zone to Starfleet parents. When the Maquis was formed and the colony was subjected to Cardassian occupation, including a ladarium mining labour camp for captured Bajoran militants, her parents were undergoing Starfleet evacuation when they were killed. Jo managed to survive for a few years under the protection of planetside Maquis sympathizers, led by Ornu Iy. She spent a considerable portion of her young life in the mines, garnering a reputation for acts of wildly uncoordinated mayhem and being a technical pain in the ass for the Cardassians.

Finally able to get to her for her own protection, and acting as her sole guardian, her older brother Orson, already enrolled in Starfleet, managed to "rescue" (she calls it kidnap) the thirteen-year-old and get her off world onto his posted vessel. She continued her Federation education and enrolled in Starfleet as soon as she could, studying Engineering and Operations. She graduated and accepted her posting, rising to the rank of Lieutenant in a short time - the spanner in the gears came when she found out Ornu Iy had been murdered on Volan III.

The death of her friend and former protector fed the fire for her to go AWOL from Starfleet and head back into the Demilitarised Zone, meeting Walter Brunsig in an outpost bar and arm wrestled him for a bottle of whiskey. She didn't hesitate to join his Maquis cell on the Skarbek and has since had his back through their trials and tribulations resisting the Cardassian occupation.

Recent events concerning the foray into the mind of one Quinn by her partner and the woman's twin Erin has rocked Jo's tiny world a touch. The former intelligence officer has now defected to their cause and Jo is trying hard not to be suspicious of her partner's sister, despite something niggling at the back of her mind that all isn't what it seems to be. But, it's probably just her.

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