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Christopher Johns
Full Name Christopher Johns
Position Technician
Species Human
Gender Male
Age Late Twenties
Birthplace Russia, Earth

Chris Johns is currently a member of the Maquis, serving aboard the Skarbek. Born and raised on Earth, Chris trained as a dancer for the first twenty years of his life before he took up a position with his father's company. Sent into the wilds of the Demilitarized Zone to broker import/export deals, he saw first hand the issues the family business caused to the survivors there. In the midst of it all, he ditched the role he played in that particular dance, and joined with a Maquis cell.


  • Height: 1.85m (6'1")
  • Build: Athletic, Lean
  • Hair: Dark brown
  • Eyes: Hazel
  • Distinguishing Features: Visible dent in the top of his head when hair close shaved. Vertical scar in butt cheek.

Flexible and strong, tall and lean, with a well-defined muscle structure and broad shoulders leading to a tapered waist. A generous dusting of dark beard coats his face, the stubble growing through faster than he can shave it away. His hair is usually longer, sticking up at all angles from his head, however, he's recently taken to shaving it off in favour of a closer cut. His hazel eyes are wide and open, looking through them with an oft sense of wonder and general happiness, usually accompanied by a small smile.


Chris is a tolerant team player, recognising others' opinions, and freely admits he doesn't have all the answers. He's reliable, afraid of letting anyone down, in case it ends in tragedy. Charismatic and charming, he can captivate an audience, reads moods easily, and communicates effectively, shiting his tone and his manner to reflect what someone else needs at the moment. Warm and selfless, he believes bringing people together is how they can get through the toughest of times.

However, this can also make him appear overly idealistic, or too selfless, striving hard to meet his word once it's given, and has a tendency to spread himself a little too thin to cover all basis. He can be sensitive, taking criticism to heart, or feels problems that aren't his own deeply. Despite his natural charm and warmth, Chris struggles with his self-esteem, trying to balance on a knife-edge, and can find tough decisions difficult to make, especially since the accident claiming Lanta's life in a fatal shuttlecraft crash Chris is convinced he could've avoided.

Hobbies and Pastimes

Dancing: Once a profession, now a hobby; Chris is still a dancer at heart. With limited space on the Skarbek to practice, he does what he can in the cargo bay when the mood takes him.
Athleticism: he keeps himself trained and muscular, a habit forged from years of dance training. He likes to run when they're on a colony or outpost and will happily disappear for days into mountains exploring.

Likes and Dislikes

Likes: Food. He'll eat anything and everything, barring Klingon dishes. Old Russian recipes are his favourite, though getting the replicated food stuffs to cook with can be difficult. He likes open fires, quiet evenings sat around them, with a bottle and good friends, especially one Romulan. If it's raining, he'll be found outside, soaking it up.
Dislikes: People can be too serious in their line of work, and he finds it to be tedious. He tries to find the joy in most things, the happiness in the little things, even if that's just a bottle of tequila and good company.

Living Quarters

Surprisingly tidy. Smells faintly of him; black pepper, vetiver, oakmoss and ambergris. There's space for him to stretch and do push-ups on the floor and a collection of strange liquor bottles lined up on a shelf. His sheets are tightly bound to the bed, so neat one could bounce a latinum strip off the top.



  • Marital Status: Taken
  • Number of children: None
  • Father: Thierry Oleksandrovich Ilyin
  • Mother: Nyura Yanovna Ivans
  • Siblings: Anton, Lucas, Petre, Elisaveta

Friends and Family

Valesha Sienelis
Valesha Sienelis (on the run).png

Friends for years, the two enjoy hearty drinking sessions around campfires and tease one another at every opportunity. He loves her sharp wit, whether watching it or being on the receiving end and likes to see her light up when she's happy. His hidden affections for the Romulan were deeply buried, until they spent an emotional and passionate night on Peshkova, and suffered through Cardassian imprisonment. A hard moment, thinking he was about to die, Chris confessed how he felt for the Romulan, and she did the same. Since then, they've spent the last year as a couple, learning to be together and loving the process.

Samira Neathler

He has a fondness for the stealthy finger-less glove, butterfly knife-wielding space wizard who crept out of Erin's cargo shuttle and hasn't looked back.

Walter Brunsig
Brunsig (Maquis) 2.png

The Captain of their Maquis Cell, and after their brush with death in the Cardassian prison, a burgeoning friend, of a kind. They've shared a few drinks together over the last year, though he still won't tell him how he met Valesha.

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