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Full Name T'Lar
Position Investigator
Species Vulcan
Gender Female (She/Her)
Date of Birth 234312.27
Age 56
Birthplace Vulcan

T'Lar is currently a member of the Maquis, serving aboard the Skarbek.


  • Height: 5'8
  • Weight: 125lbs (8.9st)
  • Hair Colour/style: Long brown hair
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Skin tone: Olive skin
  • Build: Athletic
  • Physical marks: None
  • Handedness: Right-handed
  • Off-duty clothing: Depending on climate: Worn boot cut jeans, faux suede hiking boots, denim, corduroy jackets, turtleneck sweaters, traditional Vulcan scarfs (shemagh style).

Personal History

A former member of the Vulcan Ministry of Security, where she spent several years as an investigator in the V'Kor before transferring to the V'Shar. T'Lar was "radicalized" during an investigation into possible transfer of Vulcan weaponry into the hands of the Maquis. During this time she had infiltrated a Maquis smuggling ring working its way between various former Federation colonies. Through intense meditation designed to "put her into the mindset" of the terrorists, tinged with direct contact with victims of the Cardassian occupation, she slowly began to see the injustice of the situation. A devotee of Tu-Jurok, T'Lar's tripartite philosophical orientation was Compassion, Temperance and Justice... From a strictly logical viewpoint, she could justify her working against the terrorists because it was the "lawful" thing to do. Treaties had been signed and her homeworld could ill afford to be supplying destabilizing weapons which would only serve to prolong suffering on both sides, and make a diplomatic solution further out of reach.

But her time and training in empathy, carefully honed from association of physiological sensations and various emotional states, which she was very adept at portraying, she became slowly convinced that the Federation, after fighting such a long and bitter war, unjustly and without compassion sacrificed the lives and cultures of many worlds just to sweep the conflict under the rug. As she was preparing to go "undercover" once again she elected to "go rogue", and upon making contact with the Maquis itself, made them aware of the investigation she was sent to conduct, as well as all of the V'Shar's hidden surveillance and the technical means to compromise it. At this point she became a double agent and taught the Maquis how to give her just enough red herrings to keep the Vulcans content that she was progressing in her mission while at the same time she was proving herself to a very. very sceptical Maquis hierarchy. Unfortunately, at some point, presumably another Vulcan agent exposed her forcing her to flee deeper into the Maquis underground while being pursued by V'Kor agents. She eventually made her way to the Skarbek, where she has been quietly serving as a capable investigator, both in intelligence gathering and in sniffing out moles and interrogating of prisoners.

Personality, Behaviour, and Habits

Temperment wise T'Lar is understated. Quiet. A consummate observer. She does have a tendency however to "mimic" emotional states at times, if in fact it is even mimicry anymore and not some very well regulated but none the less real expression of emotion. She had a very intense affair with a renegade Irish American former Starfleet cadet. The two became engaged when it was discovered that she had become pregnant with his child. While on a mission posing as freighter pilots, their true mission to gather intelligence on Cardassian troop movements was betrayed by a collaborator, forcing them to fight their way out of a spaceport. Both T'Lar and Brian Kernan, her fiance' were gravely injured. Brian died enroute to a Maquis safezone, and T'Lar barely survived, but lost the child she was carrying due to her injuries. Since that time, a flame of anger has taken root in her heart, and while she keeps it in check, her compassion for anything Cardassian or Cardassian friendly is next to nil. She has developed a dual addiction to Raktajino and all things chocolate, though crewmates never know which T'Lar will make an appearance when she is in her cups of hot fudge or mochas or the occasional Chocolate Martini. She is professional enough to never over indulge on missions, sometimes keeping to small cylindrical chocolate candies to take the edge off much the same way other Maquis would take a swig from a flask. When she's on an op, she is all business, methodical, stealthy and lethal.


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