Garuda Strategic Operations

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The Strategic Operations Department of the USS Garuda is primarily responsible for monitoring all Federation and allied ships operating in the Menthar Corridor. The department also analyzes ship and fleet movements of other powers within the region, and informs the appropriate senior staff of developing tactical situations.


Located on Deck 4, the Strategic Operations office was converted from three cargo processing bays in 2391.

Main Office

The strategic operations office is currently configured to allow for up to three officers to work comfortably, with one large workstation placed opposite of the main entrance and two smaller workstations placed against the starboard most bulkhead. A display table in the center of the room is most often used to display highly detailed sensor information and current data regarding the position of all known ships in the region, but can also be used to display other information in both two and three dimensions (via limited holographic projectors).

Secure Briefing Area

A small briefing room is located adjacent to the main office. Commonly used for department-specific briefings and one-on-one meetings with other members of the crew, the room is also equipped with a dedicated secure communications channel.