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'Furs' is an invitational competition which brings together Tribble fanciers from all across the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. It is hosted every year at the Grand Key resort and spa located on Risa and receives thousands of visitors per year. It is hosted and governed by The Tribble Fanciers Association, and is considered the pinnacle of competition and achievement in Tribble exhibition.

Categories for compeition include:

  • Best Breed
  • Agility
  • Obedience
  • Melody
  • Best in Show

'Furs' is not an Open Competition. Tribbles must have qualified throughout the year to be considered for an invitation. There are a number of ways of qualifying for the breed classes at 'Furs', but most qualify by obtaining First, Second, or Third place in the relevant class at TFA affiliated Championship Shows where Challenge Certificates are awarded, or by achieving Best in Show, Reserve Best in Show or Best Pup in Show at a TFA affiliated Open or General show.

Competition Classes

Categories for Competition Classes are as follows:

  • Terrier and Hound
  • Toy and Utility
  • Guntribble
  • Working and Pastoral

Breeds of Tribbles

Contrary to popular belief, there are more than one breed of Tribble in the galaxy. Some of the more popular breeds include:

  • Domestic Shorthair
  • Domestic Longhair
  • Trillian Buttercup
  • Flaxian Redcap
  • Novan Giant


The competition has faced some controversy in recent years regarding its breeding and judging standards, with some anti-competition groups claiming that the shows and regimes surrounding 'Furs' is damaging to Tribbles. Some sponsors of the show pulled out of the 2395 show after The FSPCT - The Federation Society for the Protection against Cruelty to Tribbles - said it was concerned for the wellfare of the species.

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