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Position Therapy Tribble
Rank Civilian
Species Unknown but masqueraded as a Tribble.
Gender Neutral
Birthplace Unknown
Writer ID C237708DW0


“oO Silence foolish humanoid! I am your lord and master! You will obey me! No, put me down, filthy biped! I will bathe in your blood! I will sit upon a throne of your bones! Oo”

The dastardly thoughts of Trevor the Tribble.

Trevor was the therapy Tribble of Regan Wilde. During the Furs contest of 2398, it was revealed that Trevor was really a powerful cosmic entity travelling between universes and dimensions. Disgusted with this universe and its "bipeds", Trevor attempted to take over Regan's body for galactic conquest. He was stopped by Roc, the Tribble belonging to Meidra Sirin, and disappeared into the unknown.


  • Height: 20cm
  • Weight: 3kg
  • Hair: Pink


After Regan lost his eye to Eru Ghant in A Scouring of Stars (Arrow) he confessed to having nightmares about his ordeal. His close friend on Atlas Base - Mees Van Day - searched around the flotilla to find him a pet Tribble, knowing Regans fondness for the creatures. He secured Trevor from a ship in orbit and presented it to him as a gift. Regan is very fond of Trevor and likes to give him bubble-baths and new hairstyles.

Trevor is a Domestic Longhair breed.

Galactic Domination

In the special sim The Same Thing We Do Every Night, Pinky it seems Trevor has a dark side. Trevor is revealed to despise his bubble-baths and makeovers, and harbours sinister ideas for galactic domination...

The Furs Incident of 2398

On Risa in 2398, Regan entered Trevor into the prestigious showing event 'Furs'. During the opening day of competition, Trevor revealed his true identity. Trevor is really a power cosmic entity with untold power. He attempted to possess Regan in order to cleanse this "bipedal" universe which he despised. The Tribble of Meidra Sirin - Roc - was realved to be able to communicate with Trevor, and she quelled his evil temper. After destroying the competition tent, Trevor and Roc mysteriously disappeared.

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