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Fana 6519-G is candidate planet identified by the Second House of Betazed for colonisation on behalf of the Betazed government.

Scans of the planet by surveyors indicated that it has "good beaches". [1] The planet is known for its dense tropical rainforests, mountains, and sandy beaches, and is uninhabited by any known intelligent species.

Ambassador Vataix Encounter with Hirogen

In mid 2399, Ambassador Rivi Vataix and Betazoid negotiator Tani Lekasa surveyed the planet, accompanied by Starfleet security officers Lt JG Selita Dimuri and Lt JG Rodrigo Bonilla. However, their survey was cut short when they encountered a lone Hirogen hunter named Ravarj. The Hirogen had previously hidden sensor traps around the planet which alerted him to the presence of a small vessel entering the planet’s atmosphere.

Ravarj targeted the survey group as their prey. Dimuri was killed in an attack by the Hirogen[2]. Vataix and Lekasa fled back to the beach where their camp and shuttle was located, only to find the shuttle covered in Hirogen paint, and that Bonilla had also been killed[3].


Vataix and Lekasa, using their unique Betazoid abilities, were able to sense Ravarj's thoughts and emotions, giving them an advantage in evading him. They managed to evade his attempts to capture them for several days, but eventually, Tani was injured in a confrontation with the hunter[4].

With the arrival of an array of Starfleet vessels to check on the welfare of Vataix after loss of communication, Ravarj was forced to retreat back to his own ship and flee the planet[5].