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Ravarj is an Hirogen hunter.


After spending two decades hunting holographic prey on an Hirogen space station, Ravarj felt he had become addicted to hunting "pretend" prey. He considered a rebellion by holographic characters as heresy against the Hirogen.

Hunting the same pretend Alpha Quadrant prey over and over again had become tiresome. His frustrations had become his epiphany - he needed to return to the "old ways". He left the space station hunting ground he had called home for twenty years, and became an Alpha of a hunting tribe of one, named "Tribe Ravarj".

After that time, hunts for Ravarj had been few and far between. His trophy collection was lean, but he considered that they had been worth the effort, and were a symbol not only of reward for his patience and persistence, but a beacon of what the Hirogen must once again become[1].

Encounter with the Federation

In 2399, Ravarj detected the arrival of a Federation scoutship on Fana 6519-G. The tropical planet had been initially catalogued by the Second House of Betazed, and Federation Ambassador Rivi Vataix, chief of mission/CO of the nearby Amity Outpost and Tani Lekasa, along with their Starfleet security escort, touched down on the surface to evaluate the planet's suitability for Betazed colonization efforts.

Ravarj killed the two Starfleet officers, Lieutenants Junior Grade Selita Dimuri and Rodrigo Bonilla, before proceeding to hunt Vataix and Lekasa into the night. The two Betazoids managed to elude capture, eventually driving him back to his ship, where he took off and departed the system upon detecting the arrival of Federation vessels sent to the ambassador's aid.


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