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NOTE: Information contained in <<<< and >>>> brackets is NOT known to characters and is provided only as background for the writers. Do not use this as knowledge that your characters have (aka, metasimming).

Mission Summary

USS Excalibur-A tests its quantum slipstream drive by heading for to the other side of Romulan space. When there is an apparent malfunction, the crew finds themselves amid strange new worlds ... just not the strange new worlds they expected. The Afehirr Sector is uncharted territory, but Excalibur may have plenty of time to explore.



  • Alyp Kzahtayapa - An Azeykal captain-turned-bureaucrat, Kzahtayapa is High Chief Merchant of the Erscyne Trade Alliance and is charged with solving the mystery of seemingly random disappearances of ships.
  • Grawal VII - Leader of the Ch'n Merchants Consortium.
  • Jaggrop - Lead Station Communications Officer, Jaggrop is a Drexi who certainly likes to communicate, but sometimes forgets that it's a two-way street.


Pertinent Information

<<<< A space/time anomaly causes trouble with 'disappearing' ships, hallucinations, and 'mind sickness' on the station and ship. The Erscyne Trade Alliance doesn't have the resources to handle scientific research of the event, however, and is doing what they can to protect their isolationist Alliance in the wake of lost ships, revenues, and goods. The Excalibur crew must find the reasoning and a way to stop it while keeping the peace with the station and making an attempt at diplomatic contact. >>>>

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