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Afehirr Sector
Known Governments and Powers
Local Species
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The Erscyne Trade Alliance is a non-government alliance created by three distinct races all located within the Afehirr sector. The races come from three systems, with a forth (Eridani Erscyne System) acting as a central location from which to govern free trade. Each race continues to be served by their own government, but must abide by the rules of the Trade Alliance within the forth system and when traveling to and from that system, or working on or around Erscyne Station, on Alliance business.

The three races involved are:


Hailing from the Drexiquotal System, where the fifth planet is a green hued ringed planet comprised of lush forests and swamps, with few areas of open water or oceans. Lots of plant and animal life live here, where the people live up in the trees and away from the water.


A red world not unlike Earth, Azeyka III is the third planet in the Azeykal System. Surprisingly, much of the world is very similar to Earth, except for the color. People from this planet have hues of reddish skin as well, ranging from dark, almost black, to a pale pink color. The world is known as a high tech center and offers many technological benefits to the Alliance, but is the most private and closed off member.

Members of this race are tall and overly slender (moreso than humans or other humanoids) and have long and slender fingers that make them good with small circuitry and technology. Their bodies naturally do not conduct electricity because of a rubbery compound in their skin, which makes them even more adept at this kind of work. They are not able to handle much heavy or hard labor, however, and as a result, a secondary species has evolved on their planet. This has resulted in two castes, both represented in the government, but with the longer, slender members being decidedly more powerful, regal, and in charge.


A civilization based on Ch'n Prime, which is a small, hot world located closer to the system's sun than most other living races. Due to the proximity to the star, the skin of Ch'n people is thick and more like that of a reptile or dinosaur than other life forms. Known for large expanses of deserts, the people live and work underground, where they export minerals and metals, along with gems and specialty foods and spices known only to exist on this world.

Each have agreed that keeping to themselves is the best way to prevent trouble, and they often go to great lengths to avoid communication with other races that they come across from time to time. They will not help other ships in distress, or invite communications from ships that are not a part of their alliance. Space travel is generally avoided, except on trade business.