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Intelligent Lifeform Index

Four Letter Code AZEY
Federation Status Neutral
Planet of Origin Azeyka III
Encountered EXC: "Strange New Worlds"
T/E Rating T0/E0
Current Tech Level ?
List of Named Azeykas

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Home System

  • Quadrant: Beta
  • Location: Afehirr sector (coordinates B26-0005-1300)
  • Proper Name: Azeykal system
  • Star: It orbits a class F (Yellow-White) star
  • Distance from Star: its orbit is approximately 115 million km
  • Companions: It is the 3rd of 3 planets in the system

Home World

  • Proper Name: Azeyka III
  • Diameter: 18,409 km (11,439 miles)
  • Gravity: 0.995 standard gravity with a density of 3.8
  • Axial Tilt: 16.6%, with normal seasonal changes
  • Orbital Period: 596 Days
  • Rotational Period: 34.6 Standard Hours
  • Classification: M
    • Surface Water: 63%
    • Atmosphere: 0.93% is a standard pressure with 72% nitrogen, 23% oxygen, 3% other gases, 2% trace chemicals
    • Climate: Mainly a temperate planet with deserts, swamps, mountain ranges and jungles.
    • Population: Just over ?? million



Due to the inability of the more slender members of the race not being adept at manual labor, a dual caste system evolved as the planetary population did. Today, the planet is governed by a republic lead by a team of the more slender, upper caste (the Evingal). Members of the lower caste (the Trondol) are permitted voting rights, but comprise a much smaller percentage of the entirety of the government than the upper caste.


People from this planet have hues of reddish skin as well, ranging from dark, almost black, to a pale pink color. Members of this race are tall and overly slender (more so than humans or other humanoids) and have long and slender fingers that make them good with small circuitry and technology. Their bodies naturally do not conduct electricity because of a rubbery compound in their skin, which makes them even more adept at this kind of work.




Because of their scientific minded nature, most religious beliefs revolve around events in the distant past, such as the creation of the Glimmer Belt between their home planet and the rest of the system.



A dual caste society, more slender members of the upper caste enjoy more out of life, more time to study their chosen path of science or mathematics, and a higher class way of life than members of the lower caste. Lower caste members aren't necessarily looked down on, but they are expected to fill the more manual aspect of life by providing menial labor for tasks that need to be accomplished in order to keep society moving. While outsiders may see this disparity as unfair, the upper class celebrates the lower caste and the lower caste take pride in their role, leaving both sides content and happy with the arrangement.




The world is known as a high tech center and offers many technological benefits to the Alliance, but is the most private and closed off member of the Erscyne Trade Alliance. Because of how much they value privacy, and life, little time or effort has gone into building and developing weapons. Instead, the planet is capable of protecting itself in a more unconventional manner - by time/space manipulation that allows certain members of the race to simply send people, ships, and even fleets away, dropping them across the galaxy if needed. The range of the power varies and requires the use of undisclosed machinery on the planet or Erscyne Station. This technology is highly guarded and never spoke of, leaving outsiders to see only a wholly peaceful, and potentially vulnerable race.


No real military exists other than a select number of 'Peacekeeper' forces that maintain order on Erscyne Station.

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This is an original Starbase 118 species created by the crew of the USS Excalibur-A.