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Room Numbering System

The numbering of interior spaces (hereafter referred to as “rooms”) aboard the USS Excalibur-A follows the standard in use aboard the USS Thor and other Vesta-class starships. All rooms are allocated a unique, 6-digit identifying number, with the 6 digits divided into three groups of 2 as follows:

  1. Deck number
  2. Sector number
  3. Compartment number

Room number format: DD-SSCC

  • DD: Deck number (01–23)
  • SS: Sector number (01–16 in the saucer section, 17–27 in the drive section)
  • CC: Compartment number (01–99)


  • Room 02-1107: Deck 2, Sector 11, Compartment 7
  • Room 03-0615: Deck 3, Sector 6, Compartment 5
  • Room 20-1804: Deck 20, Sector 18, Compartment 4

Sector diagrams

The attached sector diagrams give the location of the sectors relative to each other:

  • Sectors 1–16 are located in the saucer section
  • Sectors 17–27 are located in the drive section
    • Sectors 23–27 are restricted service areas

Sectors primarily support departments in making specific location references to the whereabouts of personnel, equipment, and/or damage.

  • Sectors 1–8 starboard (right)
  • Sectors 9–16 port (left)
  • Sectors 17–27 span starboard to port (cross-ship)

Use the deck listing to identify the correct deck for the room in question.

General location of quarters by personnel classification

Personnel classification Deck(s) Sector(s) Sample door panel
Commanding Officer 02 01
0101 Sample Sampleton
Commanding Officer
Executive Officer 02 16
0101 Sample Sampleton
Executive Officer
Senior Officers
  • Second Officer
  • Department Chiefs
  • Assistant Department Chiefs
  • Commanders
  • Lieutenant Commanders
  • Lieutenants
  • Lieutenants Junior Grade
04 01–16
0101 Sample Sampleton
Chief Security Officer
Junior Officers & Senior Enlisted
  • Ensigns
  • Warrant Officers
  • Petty Officers
05 01–16
0101 Sample Sampleton
Engineering Technician
Crewmen 08 02–15
0101 Sample Sampleton
09 01–16
10 01–16
Civilians/Families 08 01, 16
0101 Sample Sampleton
Marines 19 All
0101 Sample Sampleton
Marine Commander
VIPs 02 01, 02, 15, 16
0101 Sample Sampleton
Federation Ambassador to Cardassia
06 All


The Interior Spaces Allocation And Coordination System (ISAACS, pronounced EYE-zəks) is the automated system responsible for managing all interior spaces aboard the ship. Excalibur is the first Vesta-class starship to be equipped with ISAACS; other ships of this class are equipped with a predecessor system called RAMS (Room Allocation Management System).

To ensure that room numbering is consistent shipwide, all departments shall routinely audit their assigned spaces and report any erroneous or obsolete signage with Operations via ISAACS. Departments must complete an initial signage audit within 72 hours of being allocated internal space, and conduct subsequent audits not less frequently than annually.

It is expected that interior spaces will be reconfigured from time to time, to meet evolving departmental and personnel needs. Department chiefs are responsible for reporting any reconfigurations that may necessitate the creation, deletion, or reordering of room numbers within a given deck and sector. Prior approval is typically not required, provided the reconfigurations comply with hardware, volume, and mass limits.

Room Assignments

Room assignments are current as of stardate 240105.20.

0101 Kalianna Nicholotti, Commanding Officer
Genkos Adea, Chief Medical Officer

Commodore Kali Nicholotti


Commander Genkos Adea

Genkos Adea.png
1601 Addison MacKenzie
Executive Officer

Commander Addison MacKenzie

0302 Yogan Yalu
Strategic Operations Officer

Lieutenant Commander Yogan Yalu


0503 Hallia Yellir
Chief Engineer

Lieutenant Hallia Yellir

Hallia Yellir Picard Uniform.png
0601 Ashlı Sydin
Diplomatic Officer

Lieutenant Ashlı Sydin

Lt Sydin.jpg
0707 Talos Dakora
Chief Intelligence Officer

Lieutenant Talos Dakora

JK - Red Picard v5.jpg

1103 Devon Romjin
Security Officer

Lieutenant Commander Devon Romjin

1404 Vitor Silveira
Tactical Officer

Lieutenant Vitor Silveira

Sil-Picard Uniform.png
0613 Jovenan, Science Officer
Berth 2 Vacant

Ensign Jovenan

Jovenan LtJG 2400.png

Berth 2 Vacant

1605 Hiro Jones, Medical Officer
Berth 2 Vacant

Ensign Hiro Jones


Berth 2 Vacant

ISAACS history

Entries are in reverse chronological order.
  • Stardate 240002.08: Deallocation of quarters: Ens Dulhart
  • Stardate 240001.31: Batch update.
    • Allocation of quarters: Lt Sydin, Lt Romjin, Ens Dulhart
    • Deallocation of quarters: Cmdr Niac, Lt Cmdr Etan, Lt Seta
  • Stardate 239912.01: Allocation of quarters: Ens Jones
  • Stardate 239911.11: Batch update.
    • Allocation of quarters: Ens Jovenan
    • Deallocation of quarters: Ens Tiberius and Ens Kijana
  • Stardate 239908.30: Batch update.
    • Allocation of quarters: Lt Seta
    • Reallocation of quarters: LtJG Dakora
  • Stardate 239907.19: Batch update.
    • Allocation of quarters: Ens Kijana
    • Deallocation of quarters: LtCmdr Jolara and family
  • Stardate 239904.04: Batch update.
    • Allocation of quarters: LtCmdr Jolara and family.
    • Deallocation of quarters: Lt Sherlock and Lt Sirin.
  • Stardate 239812.14: Allocation of quarters: Cmdr Niac.
  • Stardate 239811.18: Allocation of quarters: Ens Tiberius.
  • Stardate 239811.17: Initial allocation of quarters.