Erscyne Station

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Erscyne Station

Afehirr Sector
Eridani Erscyne System
Home of the Erscyne Trade Alliance

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Erscyne Station is a space station designed and built by a chosen contingent of members from all three Trade Alliance races. It has existed in orbit around Eridani Erscyne 4, for over three hundred years.

The station operates under the command of a conglomerate military force built cooperatively by the three member races of the Trade Alliance. Under the direct command of the Trade Alliance leadership (lead by the High Chief Merchant), who are not members of the military aspect, the Prime Captain and her officers provide order and protection and deal with the day to day operations of the station so that trade and peace can always continue.

Basic Technology

Ultimately, the Erscyne Trade Alliance is more technologically advanced than the Federation. However, because of their stance on outsiders, and their own agreements with each other, the three races avoided developing much in the way of weaponry. Instead, they have developed amazing technology throughout their station, and in their defensive capability. Some examples of this technology are:

  • There are no doors on Erscyne Station. Instead, the station itself has been combined with biological matter to create a sort of living artificial intelligence that controls the flow of traffic. When someone arrives at an office door, if they are allowed or granted access, the wall panel where they are standing will fade away and allow them a way in.
  • There are no hard corners or edges on the station at all. This is partially due to the living component of the station, which also prevents it from aging as some normal stations might age.
  • One of the most highly guarded abilities of the upper echelon of the Erscyne Trade Alliance is that of folding space and time to send an offending ship or ships to another part of the galaxy. Such an ability takes a huge amount of energy and is often used as a last resort. The knowledge is passed down to only those chosen, who never reveal who they are. The only ones who know of their identities are the government officials that chose them, and a locked ledger where they recorded their names.