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Chief Engineer
USS Constitution
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Academy Transcript Medical Record PERSONNEL FILE

GENDER: Female
DATE OF BIRTH: 235905.13
AGE: 42
PLACE OF BIRTH: St. Louis, Missouri, Earth

HEIGHT: 152 cm
WEIGHT: 67 kg
HAIR STYLE: Rich, copper bob cut above the shoulders
EYE COLOR: Navy blue
SKIN TONE: Medium fair, smooth complected
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: oval scar at base of neck, right side & nearly indistinguishable scarring (R Leg/R Torso)
BUILD: Toned and fit

Standing 5'7", Eileen's height and weight balance well at 146lbs. Her hair is a rich copper bob cut just above the shoulders and seems to fall into place naturally, even after running a hand through the thickly-bodied mane. Pellucid eyes of an almost navy blue look out attentively from under brows moderately and gently tapered into soft curves and seem to move before her head does, usually. Her skin is of a medium fair complexion with a light, rosy tint when the temperature drops. While not excessively athletic, she keeps toned and fit with general exercise and her forms. Her face, open and animated, usually wears a content subtle smile on full, rounded lips. Arms and legs, both strong and lithe, carry more work and exercise than they show. Her stance is usually one of an assured and relaxed calm. This is complimented by the alto of her voice, one that resonates lightly but still carries "above the din" one experiences in a busy engineering deck. When not on duty, she is most often wearing a comfortable sundress or jeans and tanks. Like many humans over the millennia, she's right handed but has trained herself to work comfortably with tools in either hand.

Unknown to most, she has an identifying birthmark in the form of one ruddy oval (10cm x 5cm) at the base of her neck. She also bears a slight discoloration from regenerated scar tissue along the right side of her torso and right leg.


While never quite gregarious or adventuresome, Eileen's "matter-of-fact" nature was born from the example her mother set for her. A strong woman, able and intellectual with a clear view of what she wanted from and for her life; these are some of the examples Eileen grew to know and celebrate within herself. If she has a conviction, she's unlikely to waver. Given the choice of convenient or difficult, she doesn't shy from either but has always gotten her work ethic from her father. Dedication to a goal being a central hallmark of his impact on her life. The drive to not only achieve but to snoop about, responsibly, out past the edge of what her achievement has allowed her to learn.

That would be another hallmark of her father one finds in his daughter. Responsibility. An underpinning vein of the appreciation and expectation of personal responsibility. She carries this to the extent that she finds herself somewhat abnormally conscious of the implications of what one seeks to learn or do. When experimenting, or simply seeking to unravel a mystery the universe has laid in her lap, she always has a select and haunting quotation from the Bhagavad Gita that came to haunt J. Robert Oppenheimer after having witnessed the Trinity test. "Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds." Technology and science for it's own sake or even for the laudable goal of preserving or uplifting mankind must never be approached with pridefulness or casual disconcern , in her mind; putting her in the sometimes surreal position of arguing against the research, development, or application of any sufficiently impacting technology for fear of falling into the folly of scientists thinking they could control how others would use their research. That scientists and especially engineers have to remember their moral responsibility in any technologically advanced society. To do otherwise, in her judgement,is to risk ignoring lessons humanity has learned with names like Mengela, Pavlov, Radium Girls, The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment, Daystrom, Soran and far too many others.

That said, her mood and appreciation for what technology can do is something she revels in, in the moment. For her, it's how we "mere mortals" can interact with the most fundamental aspects of all of creation. All the beauty and simple complexity of the universe-at-large all displayed via our tools that also give us the ability to mold that same beauty. She's just as likely to wax internally poetic looking at a display of the Eagle Nebula out a ship's window or Orion from a planetary atmosphere.

Like the things she finds most beautiful, there is a dual nature to Eileen. She's equally as likely to be jovial and somewhat sly with those she knows as she is to be shy and reserved with strangers. Never having been the social butterfly, she's far more comfortable with those she knows well. It's just getting to know people that's she's never mastered. At times socially awkward, others smooth and carefree she's still trying to find steady balance within herself, these scant months after the accident at Clarke Quantum Research Facility on stardate 239006.1.

That accident is what weighs on her more than most anything. Not being able to recall far too much of the last seven years of her life has taken it's toll on the young woman. While she's found a place of stability with herself, she's likewise unsure if she'll ever be able to let go of that lost time. Her being as fortunate to be alive as the doctors have told her she is, the lengths they went through to bring her back to what amounts to a relatively normal life, does not serve to balm the fact that she doesn't feel whole anymore and; not knowing what she's lost; may never be. She remembers faces, names sometimes, sometimes events, but most without context. Far too many are sections of disturbing recollection that she's worked hard to get past. When she woke up that first day in Bethesda, she knew time had passed just as we all do when waking. She just wasn't sure of exactly how much. She remembered everything she'd learned in her training and experience prior to leaving the Ursa Major, but from there it's fragments and disconnection. Sometimes, information comes to her, unbidden, like remembering an info-bite that one heard or read at some time, but usually it's without any sense of where and when it comes from. Much talk of luck, names of colleagues she can't remember, even the other survivor of the event is a face with no meaning to her. She doesn't enjoy discussing it much, outside her prescribed therapy sessions, medical checkups, and the like. Sometimes she's not sure if that's for her benefit or to keep from scaring others away by advertising how damaged she feels herself to be.

She's leaned on her family to adjust, her mother more than her father. Their relationship began to fall apart as soon as she joined Starfleet.

Overcoming all of this is something she's more desperate to do than anything she'll admit to most anyone. Almost anyone. Eileen needs to connect with others. Time will tell how well and with whom she'll be able to do so with.

  • Lethally blunt -- often strongly so with increasingly difficult people/situations.
  • Able to be assertive, though mostly when in discussions or situations relating to engineering/scientific topics or with her ethical/moral codes.
  • Clumsily shy with respect to emotional or general social pursuits.
  • Strongly empathizes with the loss experienced by others.
  • Rarely loses her temper.
  • Prone to be protective of those she works with.
  • Habits: Black coffee mornings, chews her PADD stylus, always has a mini-Maglite (black, beat up) with the word “Winchester” in worn lettering on her or near her at all times.
  • Mannerisms: Talks with her hands, raises her left eyebrow when faced with something perplexing or suspicious, her accent shifts between a South Midland and a Southern Drawl as her mood or mindset seems to impel, tends to deal with frustration with vocal sarcasm…”Can’t nothin’ be easy”, tends to run thought experiments with new data or situations...sometimes by pacing and silently or normally talking it through, tends to deal with analysis of new/old duty critical information like she'd having a conversation with someone as part of her process (e.g.:the absent minded scientist stereotype).
  • Not a theist, even though she was raised in a Methodist Christian tradition.
  • Reads voluminously
  • Loves music (all sorts w/singular exceptions) and singing, meditates (stress reduction), loves the outdoors.
  • Chicago style gyros
  • Poetry (all sorts) and classical works
  • Italian food and a broad range of cuisine asides
  • Genuine people
  • Learning
  • Hiking
  • Dogs
  • Dinner at night outside
  • Her stuffed toy raccoon.
  • Has an affinity for animals -- Terran canines, most notably, preferring Corgi-German Shepard mixes.
  • Evasive people
  • Mexican food
  • Replicated versions of Missouri Regional cuisine
  • Being cold
  • Anyone talking about her appearance (positive or negative)
  • Assumptions
  • Those that don't respect technology and the scientific realities inherent to it.
  • To be the first person to successfully meld two strongly divergent propulsion systems into one greater than it’s constituent parts and to publish same for peer review.
  • To make Commander within 7 years.
  • To publish a unique discovery regarding a subspace/quantum level phenomena for peer review.
  • Honors in wushu competition as a young woman.
  • Having been given her sifu's blessing to conclude her wushu schooling.
  • Being assigned to USS Ursa Major immediately after graduating the Academy.
  • Senior Academy Thesis accepted and published for peer review.
  • Successfully re-entering and being assigned, in Starfleet, to the USS Apollo.
  • Being assigned as Chief Engineer, USS Apollo.
  • Father's true service record and the damage its revelation has done to their relationship.
  • Not being able to recall seven years worth of time sufficiently.
  • Quarters:
  • Favorite Room:
  • Marital Status: Single
    • Spouse:
    • Place of Marriage:
  • Children:
  • Father:John W. McCleran
    • Born:Stardate 232409.12

Lieutenant(j.g.) - Starfleet - Last posting was to USS Rutledge: Engineer's Assistant. WIA at Setlik III massacre. Received citation for being severely wounded in the line of duty and a Medical discharge (diagnosed with persistent PTSD) on stardate 234707.04. Currently works for a private shipping consortium as an engineering specialist/designer contracting out of Utopia Planitia.

  • Mother:Brenna McCleran; nee Truvalini
    • Born: Stardate 232901.05

Clinical Psychology Professor - Currently holds a professorship at New Webster University and maintains a private practice on Mars specializing in Traumatic Dysphorias.

  • Siblings:None
Personal History
Year Event
235905.13 Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Earth.
236907.05 "Laboratory Incident" at father's lab within Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards
236910.02 Begins training in wu shu at her father's behest.
2376**.** Introduced by her Mother to her father's former crew-mate, Professor Miles O'Brien (against her father's desires), beginning an infrequent "snail-mail" exchange regarding her joining Starfleet.
238006.18 Graduated with honors from Lindbergh High School in St. Louis, Missouri.
238009.23 "Zaldan" incident on the opening of her first semester in Starfleet Academy.
238303.22 Received honors for her academy Senior Thesis, entitled "Side-stepping Warp Mechanic Translations: The Substantiation of Transwarp and so-called "Hyper"-warp mechanics within current technological/ecological standards." Her thesis was published for peer review in the Daystrom Institute Journal in the fall of the same year.
238304.01 Graduated Starfleet Academy with honors majoring in Engineering and a focus towards Warp Field Theory and Mechanics.
238304.05 - 238307.24 Assigned to and posted for duty on USS Ursa Major as Engineering Officer.
239006.02 Recorded as transferred for hospitalization at Bethesda Starfleet Hospital by USS Hippocrates for severe injuries received after an explosion at the Clarke Quantum Research Facility on stardate 239006.1.
239010.13 Applied for re-accreditation for return to active duty within Starfleet Corps of Engineers.
239101.15 Passed re-assessment and received clearance and assignment for USS Apollo as Engineering Officer.
239101.27 Posted to USS Apollo as an Engineering Officer.
239104.10 USS Apollo destroyed in defense of the Boreia System from the Borg.
239104.29 Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and reassigned as Chief of Engineering for Apollo's crew.
239109.08 Transfer to USS Constitution-B as Chief of Engineering.
239201.25 Relieved as CoE, reassigned as Engineering Officer.

As a child, Eileen was always drawn into her own world and has always been of a strong mind. The thoughts of what could be being stronger than the recognition of what was to the exasperation of her parents. As an only child, she was doted on a bit, but this never served to imbalance her. Rather, it served to underpin her connection to her family for the most part. Her father had served in Starfleet for the first three years of her life, rarely ever speaking of it, remaining a slightly over-protective parent regarding the topic. Her mother was of a more progressive bent and balanced nature, allowing fault and chance to work in her daughter's life and being there for her at any stumbling moment. This foundation has allowed her own force of will to blossom, becoming one of her strongest traits.

At an early age, Eileen showed a mixed intrinsic aptitude for mathematics, mechanics and physical law. She began martial arts training (Wing-Chun Kung Fu) at her father's behest at age 7 (erroneously thinking that it might serve to draw her attention and focus from the sciences), eventually developing strong skills with changquan(Northern Longfist Style), taijiquan(Supreme ultimate fist), and baguazhang(Eight trigram palm) styles.

In 2367, at age 10, she was involved in a minor mishap involving a project her father was working on. A supplemental support system for warp propulsion that would hopefully allow usage of low-yield warp-fields further within spatial gravity wells. She was poking her nose about when the safeties of the experiment failed and a cascade failure of the system triggered low-energy, geometrically constricted warp fields to erect, trapping her within a rapidly diminished physical space for a relatively short time (five minutes, by reports). She was quickly extricated without physical injury and the project rescued, but ever since then she has had a slight case of claustrophobia but has yet to suffer any attack of same in her adult life.

At age 15, during a tour of Starfleet Academy, she was introduced to one of her father's ex-shipmates, one Professor Miles E. O'Brien. It was over the course of the following year and a few conversations with him that her focus in education and choice of career was finalized towards engineering and starship duty, against the adamant prejudice of her father. In the latter half of 2376, she was awarded recognition in a Martial Arts competition held on Mars. Afterwards, her attention for it waned slightly as she devoted more towards the sciences, though she still practices her sets daily and enjoys sparring given the opportunity.

Graduated an above average student from Lindbergh High School in St. Louis, Missouri.

Upon entering Starfleet academy, her first day, an incident report was filed stating that she had unknowingly said "please" to a Zaldan, which precipitated into an altercation within her dorm. The Zaldan was discharged from Medical two days later. While she was not the aggressor in the incident (she, like some, was not at all familiar with Zaldan social norms), a reprimand exists on her record for the aggressiveness of the defense she employed.

Achieved honors for her academy Senior Thesis for a paper entitled "Side-stepping Warp Mechanic Translations: The Substantiation of Transwarp and so-called "Hyper"-warp mechanics within current technological/ecological standards." which postulated the co-mingling of standard and non-standard warp technologies to propagate more efficient travel between the arms of the galaxy.

During her sophomore year of the Academy in San Francisco, the Massacre of Setlik III was assigned as a research project to her Starfleet Military History class. During her research, through happenstance and then further intrigued investigation, she uncovered the reality of her father's role in the Massacre, aside from what little she had been aware of as a child. He had frozen in the line of duty, that being the reason that he was wounded, officers were killed, and why her father had so vehemently opposed her desire to join Starfleet. She was mortified and over time found herself growing more and more isolated socially and academically, against her best efforts to move beyond the revelation. She brought the matter to a professor at the academy and after informing him of the situation, requested a letter of recommendation for transfer to another campus. He acceded, resulting in her mid-term transfer to Starbase 118’s campus.

She graduated on stardate 238304.01 with honors majoring in Engineering and a focus towards Warp Field Theory and Mechanics. Five days later she was assigned and posted to USS Ursa Major (Sovereign-class).

There, for three months, she served dutifully and happily...the last project with her involvement being the systematic overhaul of Ursa Major's sensor systems.

Immediately after the finalization of the overhaul (238307), Eileen's file was sealed and her name shows as having been removed from the Ursa Major's crew roster and no order for her transfer is on record. The next instance any official record of even her existence can be found is regarding her being listed on a casualty report from USS Hippocrates being one of two eventual survivors out of the twenty researchers caught in a blast at a research facility's propulsion test-bed hanger.

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Starfleet Career
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
01-Ensign-Gold.jpg Ensign 238304.06 - 238307.24 USS Ursa Major Engineering Officer
01-Ensign-Gold.jpg Ensign 239101.26 - 239104.29 USS Apollo Engineering Officer
02-LieutenantJG-Gold.jpg LieutenantJG 239104.29 - 239109.08 Chief Engineer
02-LieutenantJG-Gold.jpg LieutenantJG 239109.08 - 239109.14 USS Aegis Chief Engineer
02-LieutenantJG-Gold.jpg LieutenantJG 239109.15 - 239201.25 USS Constitution-B Chief Engineer
02-LieutenantJG-Gold.jpg LieutenantJG 239201.25 - Present USS Constitution-B Engineering Officer
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