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Four Letter Code CHON
Federation Status Extinct
Planet of Origin unknown
Encountered none
T/E Rating T0/E0
Current Tech Level N (spacefaring)
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REV 239806.13
Extinct Species Notice

attention: This species is

believed extinct

Available data is limited


Very little is known about the Chon civilization, except what can be found in historical records. Some can be found at the University of Beruna, but almost all of these are copies of data records found in the Jarbaron Library on Prelion. However, Dr. Rathmin, a Federation scientist assigned to a Starfleet contingent in the Par'tha Expanse, is making great strides in uncovering new data about the Chon.

It is currently known that the Chon "inherited" control of the Par'tha Expanse region of the galaxy from the political vacuum left when the Braemar civilization was wiped out. The Chon Empire approached the region from the galactic core, and grabbed control of the entire region. For 500 years they remained unchallenged in the Expanse region. Then, suddenly, the Chon, began fighting an important war on their opposite border. All their resources were re-allocated to help fight this enemy who was unknown to the Par'tha races. The Chon retained an outpost at the core-ward edge of the Par'tha Expanse, but had no nominal presence in the region ever again. The Chon Empire finally succumbed to their assailants approximately 13,000 years ago. That was when they abandoned their outpost that has been renovated by Starfleet (circa 2382-2385) and re-designated Starbase Deep Space 26.

The Chon disappearance coincided with, but was not a result of, the arrival of the Caraadians in the Par'tha region. Though the Caraadians have been in the area for close to 13,000 years, and were aware of the outpost, curiosity never really got the better of them. Likewise, indigenous species of the region knew of the outpost, but most stayed away because of "ghost stories". Those brave enough to approach and board the station never stayed long, and died shortly thereafter, adding to the mystique of the station.

In reality, ancient reactor cores long devoid of maintenance had been leaking radiation into the atmosphere within the station. In 13,000 years no one ever attempted to fix or replace the reactors and flush the environmental systems. That is, until Starfleet arrived on the scene in 2382 in the person of the USS Atlantis. In order to gain a political foothold in the region Starfleet reassigned personnel and materiel to restore the Chon outpost to working order, much like they did with Terok Nor turning it into Deep Space 9. The newly christened Deep Space 26 is full of Chon technology, artwork, writings, and other clues to their culture and history. Dr. Rathmin is currently attempting to translate and document everything he can on the station.