Seccora Ia

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Seccora Ia (Balivar)
Stellar Cartography
Region unknown
Sector unknown
System Seccora system
Sun(s) Seccora
Moon(s) n.a.
Orbital Radius ????
Eccentricity {{{eccentricity}}}
Class Terrestrial
Diameter 4,900 km
Atmosphere Nitrogen-oxygen
Hydrosphere 8%
Climate Temperate
Blackbody Temp ???
Gravity 85% standard
Primary terrain *Forests
  • Mountains
  • Deserts
  • Savannas
  • Lakes
Points of interest
Length of Day 18 standard hours
Length of Year 402 local days
Native species Balivari
Other species n.a.
Official Language Balivari
Population unknown
Technological Classification
Major cities none
Imports none
Exports none
Affiliation none
Seccora system Star   Belt   I   Ia   II

Known as Balivar to the indigenous Balivari, Seccora Ia is the largest of the 64 natural satellites of the gas giant Seccora I, located in the seemingly unfindable Seccora system.