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  • it's orbit is approximately 136 million km from it's star
  • a class M planet with a diameter of 12,664 km (7,915 miles).
  • a density of 5.5 and a gravity of 1.0 G's
  • an earth like atmosphere with a pressure of about 1.0 earth normal, with nitrogen 72%, oxygen 23% and other gases 3%
  • it has an axial tilt of 23% that results in earth like seasonal variations
  • temperatures and environmental conditions are extremely earth like
  • surface water over 76% of the planets surface with 69% of that being salt water oceans
  • with a year of 275 days, each day is 22 hours long
  • primary terrain features are islands formed by mountains sticking up out of the oceans that have dense forests and rugged ground


  • unknown at this time


  • it has 1 medium moon
  • Corfus IVa: is 2,798 km (1,749 miles) in diameter, with a density of 4.8 and a gravity of 0.19 G's. It orbits the planets surface at a height of 31,660 km. (19,787 miles)


They do not have a written language so most of their history is a mystery. Also different areas have different stories that have been passed down orally as a history of their people.


Their are no really large land mass's anywhere on this world. It has thousands of rocky mountains that jut up out of the oceans to form islands. The largest is about 85 km wide and they can be as small as just a few hundred feet in size. Near the coast of most of these islands you will find some flat land but for the most part it is rugged, heavily forested with a few valleys or with gently slopeing hillsides that have been worn down over eons of storms and time.


The weather and environment is very similar to that of earth. The northern regions have snow in winter while the equator has rainy seasons. Most storms are not to severe but it is also not unheard of for savage tropical storms to develop and pound those islands unlucky enough to be in there path.


It has a very diverse set of wildlife with birds, mammals, fish and reptiles. A small few have been domesticated for use while the rest may be hunted for food, skins or other useful items.


They have no form of centralized government. Each island and in many cases each village or town has it's own ruleing body. Different towns, villages or islands will have different systems for governing themselves. Some examples are town council, mayor, governor, noble, matriarc, elder's, dictator, elected official, hereditary official, etc.


The native Corfus is a humanoid with black hair that starts growing very high up on their foreheads, 2 black or brown eyes, 2 hands with 4 fingers and a thumb as well as 2 feet with 5 toes. Their nose does not project out as far on their face as a terran's being flatter to the surface of the face. The have a slight brow ridge that runs above their eye's. There exposed skin tends to be tanned a light brown color due to all the time they spend out doors. Males tend to be slightly taller than females with the average being 5'8 for men and 5'6 for women.

Tech Level

They are farmers and fishermen for the most part. They use hand powered tools and muscle to achive most of the tasks and labours needed to survive. Their are very few specialized workers and they are normally only evident on the larger islands or towns.


They use a barter, trade system as they have no form of currency. Most trade is conducted with in the village or town that the person lives in. On rare occassions they may travel to other communities that are close by to do their trading instead.


World wide their is an estimated 15 million people.

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