Constitution Marine Contingent

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USS Constitution-B Marine Forces

A company sized force, and formally designated as Starfleet Marine Corps. Special Task Force Sigma-Three-One also known as Knights of the Constitution-B, this SFMC contingent comprise several specialized units that offer significant operational adaptability to support the mission objectives of the USS Constitution-B and the United Federation Of Planets. Jointly these forces report to the Command Staff of the USS Constitution-B, via the Task Force Commander.

In addition to their positions within these specialist units; all marine personnel are expected to perform, where required, general duties aboard the USS Constitution-B as best fits their individual training and operational skill-sets and as directed by the Commander of Marine Forces and the Constitution's Command Staff.

Task Force Composition

Knights of the Constitution-B comprises the following operational assets:

42nd Combat Search & Rescue (CSAR) Detachment

The CSAR detachment of consists of marine forces, of variable fields of expertise and led by a Combat Rescue Officer, with specialist hazard training and the primary responsibility of recovering both personnel and physical assets from hostile and hazardous environments. In addition to this fundamental role they are also tasked with supporting relief and disaster response missions and act as the primary response unit when investigating derelict or abandoned vessels and installations.

13th Tactical Aerospace Group

The 13th Tactical Aerospace Group comprises two wings of four Multirole Fighters with an additional training/stand-by vessel. Their primary role is to provide close air support and air superiority to ground operations, together with escort, patrol and perimeter deference roles in space-flight. Additionally, the Tactical Aerospace Group also provide support to search and rescue operations where required.

5th Special Activities Unit

Codenamed ‘Vanguard’, the 5th Special Activities Unit is a small, predominantly covert, team specializing in rapid response direct action and asymmetric warfare operations both in isolation and as part of wider conventional activity. Specialist duties include; personal security operations, advanced assault/reconnaissance and intelligence gathering. They are also responsible for supplementing Starfleet Security operations where required.

1st Covert Intelligence Command

The first of its kind within Starfleet and designed to work closely alongside Starfleet Intelligence and the Diplomatic Corps., the Covert Intelligence Command is tasked with processing intelligence gathered from a military action standpoint and providing tactical analysis and mission planning. Operationally, they are responsible for providing support to disrupt adversarial decision making through various means such as psychological operations, computer systems warfare and communications disruption.