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You may wonder how often you have to sim to be considered full time, or how long you should wait for others to add to the plot before you can write again. This is where we’ll answer these and similar questions.

What is considered Full Time?
The Fleet Wide rule for Full-Time is 3 sims a week, making it 12 sims a month. This includes sims for your Main Character, your PNPCs, NPCs or MSNPCs.
If you have trouble getting to your full-time numbers, please don’t hesitate to contact the Command Staff! There are many options that we can discuss with you to help you out which don’t necessarily mean forcing you to take a Leave of Absence (LoA).

What is Part-time and what’s the difference other than numbers?
Part-Time is a status in which the requirement to sim is lowered to 8 sims a month. We do this for some players who want to write but at the moment can’t commit to the full 12 sims a month. This is a temporary status because being Part Time excludes you from Promotion Process and it is harder to include you in plots, since we don’t know how active you will be, which means that you will receive fewer tags, which makes writing harder.

How long do I have to wait after I post before I can again if nobody in my plot answers?
We have the guideline to wait 36 to 48 hours. Once you post, give everyone you tag 36 hours to respond before simming again. This gives them a chance to be included in on the plot since all of us have real lives, work, school, children, housework, etc, that can keep us from responding immediately. We have this guideline so even if your fellow simmer can't write, you can still write enough for your 12 sims a month to be considered full time. So if you have been waiting for a while you are okay to continue and keep things going.

What if everyone I tag responds within an hour?
Feel free to post again, the above-said rule is to allow everyone a chance to post. However, remember there are 10-15 people on the ship at all times, so while we encourage big plot twists, if you do, give others an opportunity to jump on board with reacting/solving them, before closing it up. Example: Sending a sim with an Alien Holographic AI showing up on the bridge, you are only tagging the captain and First Officer, but there are 3 other people on the bridge, don’t make the AI disappear before the 48 hours of that window expires on them too.

What if the person I am simming with doesn’t respond in 3 or more days?
We can understand the desire to give everyone an opportunity to respond to my tags too, but at this point my suggestion is to move on, if there’s no one else in the scene responding with you, write another set of tags, and move to tag someone else. Sometimes real life creeps up and bites us in the rear, and we don’t want to hinder your ability to have fun, so we definitely will understand if you move to another, more active, crew member to interact with. If it is one person in a group setting, continue with the rest of the group, leaving their tags open. Once they are able to write they can go back and fill the gaps.

So, I posted three times on Tuesday, I’m done for the week, right?
Nope. Would you like if you had to wait a whole week for someone to respond to your tags because they posted all their sims in one day? Personally, I wouldn’t, because it hinders the ability to write full time, or have an interactive conversation if you are making full time by pushing the scene. You can either write three separate times a week or if you want to you can simply write more!