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To be considered a ‘full-time’ writer the requirement is 3 sims a week, which adds up to 12 a month. More sims are always welcome, but not required. Only full-time writers are eligible for promotions, that means if you do not meet Full-Time requirements you will not be promoted. At least 8-9 sims a month are considered a "part-time" writer.

Generally speaking, these sims should be evenly spaced out (every couple days), rather than a large burst of activity at the end of the month. Since our plots and storylines run throughout the month, it will be difficult to contribute appropriately if you are only simming one week out of the entire month.

Consistently maintaining a sim count higher than the bare minimum (generally 20+ a month) and answering your tags with alacrity looks very good for your development, keeps your character involved in the plot and allows for a much more fun simming experience for the whole crew.

What happens if I don’t sim consistently?

If you don’t sim at least 8 times a month for more than 3 consecutive months you might want to consider a Leave of Absence (LOA). Sometimes Real Life just comes in the way and that is okay. We will never ask you to put your life on hold for the game. LOA means that you will be able to catch a break, deal with whatever keeps you from writing and all that while you retain your rank. You can come back any time and continue writing, either on the Conny again or if we don’t have room on another awesome ship in the fleet.

What if RL is coming in the way of things and I can’t write?

If we do not hear from you for a while either in sims or OOC, we might think that you do not want to write with us anymore, so if you know that you won’t be around or can’t write for a while either let us know over the OOC list or contact a Staff Member. You can also drop a line in our Discord chat's Ship Channel. A one-line message is enough, no need for long explanations. That way we know that you are not around to sim, and we will be able to sim around your character instead of waiting for you. Of the plot itself keeps you from writing, talk with your staff or mentor. We are always happy to help you!

What happens if I don’t let anyone know and don’t write?

If you haven’t told us that you are offline and we don’t hear from you, we will try to contact you several times during a 30 day period. If we don’t receive an answer in that time we will mark you as AWOL (Absent Without Official Leave). That also means that you leave the fleet, not in good standing. So if you return at some point your rank might have been reset to that of an Ensign

If you are completely sure that the Fleet is not for you and you want to stop completely there is also a way of retiring from it. That means you will be removed from email lists and not be contacted about a possible return.

For more information and the forms Click the links: LOA and Retirement

What if I want to write but the Conny just isn’t the right ship for me?

That happens and it is okay. Not every writer fits into every environment or into every simming style. If you love action but we don’t give you that, you might feel like you are missing out. If your ideas of Trek clashes with the crew, that happens too. Trek is full of variety and so is the fleet.

So if you feel you are not a good fit, you can request a transfer to another ship and see if that works out better.

But you don’t have to feel like you don’t fit for that. Sometimes you need a change of scene. Sometimes you feel like you want to try something new. Same goes for that. You can request a transfer without anything being wrong.

There are no hard feelings if you want to play on a different ship. While we love playing with you, we want you to have as much fun as possible. And we never exclude the possibility of meeting again! Just talk with your CO about your options.

For more information and the forms click here: Transfers