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When new writers come aboard any ship they are given a mentor. This will generally be a staff member of rank Lieutenant or higher who guides, encourages and helps the new writer with any issues they may be facing. The Conny has a few specific officers who have signed up to mentor new Ensigns as they are placed with our crew.

These officers have a history of high-level simming ability and a secure grasp of how things work on the Conny and in the Fleet. Because our mentors have the responsibility of shaping some of the Fleet's future leaders, we do not take this job lightly. On the contrary, to be a mentor means both dedications to the rules as well as knowledge of writing and simming overall.

Anyone can apply to be a mentor, but to be accepted these standards need to be met. Want to better your chances of approval? Make sure that you maintain a full-time sim rate and contribute to quality sims. Also show that you are able to participate in the plot, include other players in your plots and put the ship first (meaning that not all plots have to be about you, sometimes it is about others or the mission).

If you are interested in becoming a mentor aboard the Conny, read over the mentor handbook and contact your mentor or Jalana Rajel to voice your interest.