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Crew of the USS Constitution-B


Ensign Cheylla Thonn

Ensign Cheylla Thonn (Federation Basic: [ʃeɪɭɑ θjɒŋ]) (she/her) is currently serving as a counselor aboard the USS Constitution-B. She graduated from the Academy and was posted to the Constitution as a counselor on Stardate 239902.27. She is a Bolian from the planet Bolarus IX and was born on Stardate 237705.06.


  • Full Name: Cheylla Thonn
  • Other Names: Chey
  • Species: Bolian
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: May 6th, 2377
  • Birthplace: Arinol, Bolarus IX
  • Telepathic Status: T0/E0


  • Height: 157 cm (5’2’’)
  • Hair: Dark purple (Shaved)
  • Eyes: Green
  • Build: Heavy
  • Birthmarks/Scars: None
  • Handedness: Right-Handed
  • Taste in Clothing (off duty): Lots of loose, comfortable clothing in bright colors. Cheylla also embraces a style from Bolarus that incorporates elements of fashion from the clothing worn by maritime explorers throughout Bolian history.


Personality Type: ENFJ (‘'Extraverted Intuitive Feeling Judging’’)


  • Mannerisms: Cheylla is always mindful of what is polite in other cultures when interacting with others. However, Cheylla does still struggle with not approaching situations from a Bolian point of view. She believes in the importance of working together as one. This means she frequently provides advice and likes to help others when she can.
  • Routines: Cheylla keeps a busy schedule, but whether she is a student or a counselor she always finds time to cook homemade meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Every morning she also shaves her head as is traditional for Bolians.
  • Speech Patterns: Bright and fast-paced, but with every choice of words chosen carefully.
  • Carriage and Posture: Always carries herself with purpose and discipline.

Likes and Dislikes

  • Favorite Book: All Together Now, by Grexx Nott
  • Favorite Color: Aquamarine
  • Favorite Food: Lolsara axefish curry
  • Hobbies: Scuba diving, sailing, holophotography, culinary arts, fishing, and ballroom dancing
  • Fears: Claustrophobia
  • Pet Peeves: People who refuse to work with others

Quarters and Workspaces

  • Quarters: Cheylla has quarters on Deck 8 of the USS Constitution-B. The quarters are configured to accommodate gatherings of people. Cheylla makes efficient use of the limited space available to provide lots of seating and room for entertaining guests. She also has a small kitchen area set up to help with her hobby of cooking food the "real" way rather than just pulling a completed plate out of the replicator. Family pictures can be found all over the quarters.
  • Counselor’s Office: Cheylla's session room is in the counseling offices on Deck 9 of the USS Constitution-B. The room is centered around a low glass coffee table surrounded by chairs, beanbags, cushions, and a sofa to provide patients with whatever choice of seating they find most comfortable. The space is easily configured for one-on-one sessions or group therapy. Cheylla decorates the walls and her desk with trinkets and aquatic plant life from her homeworld.


Family Background

The Thonn family descends from a prominent early banker working with the Bank of Bolias, Thonn. Since then the family has been deeply involved in the financial world of Bolarus IX. Both Thonn and his children became trusted managers and one of their clan would usually move to a city that was going to be home to a new branch. Over the centuries the family continued to be heavily involved in the Bolian economy. Since the late 22nd century, the Thonn family’s main homestead has been in the underwater settlement Arinol. Cheylla and her brothers Qossa and Dorana are triplets. They were the first children of their father Grexxo Thonn and mother Arill. They have several younger siblings, numerous co-siblings from their co-parents, and an extended family of aunts, uncles, and cousins.

Grexxo works for the Bank of Bolias, monitoring the currency exchanges for signs of fraud. He descends from Thonn and carries that family legacy proudly. He is a very analytical person and enjoys working with statistics, market data, and mathematical models compared to interacting with bank clients. Arill is a prominent Bolian fashion designer. She started out writing for a popular fashion publication on Bolarus IX before taking an apprenticeship with a designer she interviewed to learn the trade for herself. After some work with established brands and a sudden boost in popularity when a prominent Bolian councilor wore one of her dresses to a gala, Arill moved on to found her own company. More of her recent works include a series of formal gowns incorporating holographic decor and her involvement in a protest against Akiana Grol’s collection of garments made from Bolian skin.

Grexxo and Arill were set up on a blind date by a mutual friend and quickly hit it off. They were married within a year and were expecting their first children shortly after. Months before the triplets were born, however, the family would suddenly expand. Grexxo and Arill took a cruise in the Kisaran Ocean. There they met Belarr Srax, a comedian performing on the ship. Belarr met the couple after one of his shows in an executive lounge. He got along very well with Arill and, despite cracking a few jokes at the awkward Grexxo’s expense, quickly grew on the financial analyst. The trio would meet several more times during the cruise and towards the end all three agreed they liked this third wheel arrangement. But Belarr had also spent that cruise getting to know another couple as well.

Dr. Wyllon Kimm and Finn Nel were that other couple on the cruise, the latter being the ship’s captain. Wyllon is a behaviorist working for the Ferengi Gambling Commission. She worked to spot cheaters and tweak casino designs to appeal to Bolian psychology. Wyllon rotated between many gambling establishments on Bolarus, including those on cruise lines. On one such assignment she spotted a collaborating dealer on the first day of a three week cruise, leaving her plenty of idle time during which she met Finn. Finn’s first job was on an ice cutter on Andoria seeking out untapped mineral deposits deep beneath the polar ice sheets. His career was cut short when a malfunctioning antigrav harness broke his back during perilous maneuvers through thick ice fields. Finn needed a change of pace and found a less physically intensive position as a captain for a new cruise line back home on Bolarus. He rose to be one of the company’s most trusted captains, met his wife Wyllon aboard one cruise of the Rabor Archipelago, and would eventually befriend visiting comedian Belarr during multiple cruises.

Wyllon, Finn, and Arill had all floated the idea of expanding their relationships to include Bellar during that cruise. When the comedian got the four of them together, Arill suggested that expanding their family unit even more to encompass the five of them might work. They agreed to give the arrangement a try, deciding to finalize the marriage when the triplets were born. The marriage, large even by Bolian standards, was nevertheless a happy one.


Cheylla and her siblings were born in Rasara, the original location of Arill’s boutique and the temporary office for Grexxo. When they were born, their parents and co-parents were already making arrangements to move the family to the Thonn homestead in Arinol. A design studio was built for Arill within one of the domed underwater habitats, Wyllon moved her primary office to the undersea casino a short distance away, and Grexxo made arrangements to commute to Rasara via transporter each day. The triplets spent less than six months in Rasara.

Even when they arrived, they were not the only children in the Thonn homestead. They already had several cousins living in various habitats only a few minutes away from their family unit. Wyllon would give birth to twins two years later. In the next decade and a half the couple would have ten other children. As early as age seven, Cheylla was allowed to help in raising her siblings and co-siblings, taking great pride in showing the younger Bolians how to do things like swim.

While all of her parents and co-parents were a strong presence in her life, Finn and Belarr would often be present remotely when their jobs would take them on various trips. Parts of or the entire family would come along for some of these journeys, but the logistics quickly became a lot to handle. Offworld fashion shows and industry awards would sometimes take Arill to distant worlds as well, although these rarer trips usually did include the entire clan. Regardless of what combinations of parents were home, they had help from an army of uncles, aunts, cousins, and extended family members to help with raising the newest members of the family. As she got older, Cheylla would join her father and co-mother in the homestead’s massive kitchen and start developing her love for real, authentic cooking compared to replicated meals.

Outside of the Thonn clan, Cheylla and her brothers also spent a lot of time with Kianka, the daughter of the Arinol casino manager. Kianka was their first introduction to non-Bolian people and cultures. She introduced them to economics and gave them a greater appreciation for their father’s work and the introduction of how the casino works. She also taught them tongo, meaning they could routinely clean house at the casino once they were old enough to gamble.

During a tour of the casino with Wyllon when she was thirteen, Cheylla was impressed by her co-mother’s ability to spot behavior cues and pick a cheater out of the crowd before they even got to one of the tables. She knew that psychology would be an interesting field for her to study but wasn’t sure about Wyllon’s application. If she was going to study psychology she would much prefer to use it to help others rather than help squeeze every last strip of latinum out of gamblers. That visit began Cheylla’s study of psychology and ultimate career path as a counselor.

Build-Up to Starfleet Academy

Cheylla took all of the psychology courses available as electives and began studying the topic on her own time. She would check out more books on both Bolian psychology and alien psychology from the library every week. Wyllon encouraged this new fascination. She even got into contact with her former professors at the University of Bolarus and introduced Cheylla to a few of her friends in the field. By the time she graduated from primary education, she knew she wanted to be a counselor and was especially interested in the field of childhood development and family counseling.

Meanwhile, Qossa and Dorana had developed their own interests and career ambitions. Dorana took up an interest in languages, learning Ferengi first before moving on to study other languages and the field of linguistics more generally. Qossa, always eager to help with the underwater homestead’s various technical systems, developed his skills as an engineer. He loved to tinker with and make improvements to everything from the automated floodlights lighting up the seabed outside the dome to the home’s life support systems.

Qossa was the first of the triplets to suggest that he wanted to go to Starfleet Academy. Dorana and Cheylla both were planning to go to the University of Bolarus to study linguistics and psychology respectively. The triplets, who had been inseparable throughout their childhood, were not comfortable with the idea of being apart for an extended amount of time for the first time ever. All three of them collectively decided that they would apply together, and all three were accepted into the academy to study their respective fields.

Starfleet Counselor

The Thonn triplets, much as they were growing up, remained extremely close. Wherever one went, the other two would not be far behind. They had their own classes, extracurricular activities, and social circles. However, there was significant overlap and they enjoyed exploring Earth or sharing meals together when they weren’t busy with their coursework. Cheylla enjoyed her classes and focused on family counseling and developmental psychology during her studies.

When they graduated, the triplets received bad news. Starfleet had done its best to find a posting that required a xenolinguist, an engineering technician, and a counselor all at the same time. But the coincidence of needs did not fully align. Qossa and Dorana had found a station on the edge of the Romulan Neutral Zone in need of both and were able to be assigned there together. However, the station already had a counselor and didn’t have the personnel to justify two counselors. Cheylla was devastated but decided to brave being on her own on her new assignment, the USS Constitution-B.



  • Bolian: Learned during his childhood.


  • Federation Standard: Studied at Starfleet Academy

Starfleet Records

Service History and Service Ribbons

Starfleet Service History
DS9style-cadet4 teal.png
Cadet First Class 239902.27 Graduated Starfleet Academy Counseling Cadet
DS9style-ens teal.png
Ensign 239902.27 - Present USS Constitution-B Counselor
Awards and Service Ribbons
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 239603.09
Starfleet Academy
Awarded upon graduation from Starfleet Academy.

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