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Starbase 118
Position Fugitive
Rank Civilian
Species Bolian
Gender Female
DOB 235502.21
Age 41
Birthplace Bolkinua, Bolarus IX

MSNPC Chennel is a Bolian fugitive and former pirate (played by Lieutenant Commander Theo Whittaker.) Prior to her incarceration on piracy and slavery charges she operated in the Skalur Expanse on the unexplored world of Hemix before being arrested by the USS Columbia. She first appeared in Force of Nature and reappeared during the events of Tribble & Strife.

Basic Information

  • Full Name: Chennel
  • Race: Bolian
  • Date of Birth: 235502.21
  • Place of Birth: Bolkinua, Bolarus IX
  • Age: 37
  • Gender: Female
  • Telepathic status: T/E: 0/0 Telepathic/Empathic Scale


  • Height: 1.85m (6ft 4in)
  • Weight: 57kgs
  • Hair: Bald
  • Handed: Ambidextrous


  • Siblings: Younger Sister Alandra (deceased)
  • Spouse: Spouse: Kol (deceased)

Personal History

There was always something very wrong with Chennel. While she at first appeared to be a sweet, pleasant young girl, she never the less had a cruel and cold side. Constantly jealous of her younger sister who she perceived to receive more attention than she did- she relentlessly bullied Alandra, physically hurting her on more than one occasion. As she grew up, the jealousy turned into bitterness and eventually hatred. Desperate to lash out and seek attention, Chennel began rebel; dropping out of her education, disappearing for weeks on end and getting in trouble with law enforcement. Eventually, she met and married Kol, a smuggler and ‘sentient-being trafficker’. It is unclear whether she married for love or just as another act of rebellion. The night before she left Bolarus IX, her sister was found brutally beheaded and while incriminated, Chennel has never been convicted of the crime.

Not content with being a simple wife, the 19 year old Chennel instead assisted her new husband in his operations, amassing considerable authority. The more she involved herself in their criminal dealings, the more she found she enjoyed the accompanying adrenaline rush. Kol, however, was always suspicious of her intentions and kept a tail on her at all times. She was unaware of this for several years until she caught the tail reporting back to him. She viciously murdered both of them and ejected Kol into space, with the knife still in and pinned a message to his clothes: “I got bored”. Now in complete control, her work eventually shifted into piracy.

In 2391, after evading a Stafleet security taskforce, Chennel shifted her base of operations to Hemix, a deserted and mostly barren world inside the Skalur Expanse. From here to continued to engage in acts of piracy against local space traffic as well as a small smuggling operation. She had her husband’s vessel under her control as well as a crew of about forty and numerous slaves kidnapped from around the Skalur Expanse.


While appearing on the surface to be a polite, considered and eloquent woman, Chennel is in fact brutal, oppressive and utterly without mercy. She thinks of nothing of torturing and ruling with fear. She does not tolerate dissent in any form and her favorite form of punishment is to subject the victim to hours at the business end of a Klingon pain stick. While she usually has other administer the punishments, she has been known herself to partake whenever it strikes her fancy. Her temper is fearsome and is always bubbling just under the surface, with no telling when and how it will express itself. She wears the finest Tholian silk in flowing gowns, which come equipped with hidden pockets for her own personal armaments- a Varon-T Disruptor and an array of throwing knives.

Lightness of Being
The Lightness of Being
Chennel’s Miradorn-built Theta-class raider with a crew compliment of forty and room for a total of 200 people onboard. The vessel came equipped with an energy sheath that renders it virtually undetectable to Federation long range sensors. It has a maximum speed of Warp 9.2 and has been significantly modified over the years. She inherited the vessel from its previous owner, her deceased husband. Chennel’s quarters aboard the ship are luxurious, whereas the rest of the crew live in squalid conditions and her slaves live in the cargo bay with little in the way of amenities. The vessel was destroyed by a fourth dimensional creature as it created Hemix II. It was destroyed by a fourth dimensional being in order of Hemix during a stand off with the USS Columbia.

Force Of Nature

Chennel encountered the starship Columbia in 2392 when Starfleet assigned the vessel to explore the mysterious island that Chennel had claimed as her own. She witnessed a swarm of energy vampire moths as they killed a security officer almost immediately after beaming down, and in the confusion she attempted to take the away team prisoner, but was prevented by a suddenly feral Nugra. She assaulted chief engineer Theo Whittaker and became enamoured by medical officer Mirra Ezo. In the confusion the away team escaped from her and Nugra and she retreated back to her ship where she captured the away team via transporter and launched a brief attack on the Columbia. As a negociating tactic, Chennel had Whittaker tortured and was about to have him murdered when a 4th dimensional being attacked The Lightness Of Being. In the confusion, her crew turned on her and she was stunned by a phaser blast from Ezo, preventing her from murdering her own first officer. While in transit back to Starbase 118 she attempted, and failed, to provoke a reaction out of both Ezo and Whittaker before she was transferred over to the care of Starfleet Security.

The corvette believed to have assisted Chennel in her escape from Elba II
Charged with 79 counts of interstellar piracy, 189 counts of kidnapping and one count of torturing a Starfleet officer, Chennel was sentenced to life imprisonment without possibility of parole on Elba II. On Stardate 239211.23 she murdered a Starfleet security guard and escaped from the correctional facility. Her last known whereabouts were on a civilian corvette on a course for the Black Cluster in Sector 97, along the Federation-Tzenkethi border.
Tribble & Strife

Chennel reappeared at the conclusion of the events of Tribble & Strife- unknown to the crew of Starbase 118 Operations- working alongside former Orion Syndicate enforcer Oma-Saan as the owner of a bar called "Harkins' Den"- in the area of Starbase 118 known as 'The Dungeon'. She chastised Oma-Saan for allowing tribble breeder Boris Malinov to leave the bar alive as he could have information that could incriminate the Orion. Her concerns were dismissed and she also admitted to visiting the 'topside' of the Commercial Dome, violating an agreement that she had with Oma-Saan.

All Time High

Chennel is mentioned by Sal Taybrim as being in league with Drin Jerol, leader of the Jenatris Confederation, a criminal group that rose from the ashes of the Orion Syndicate. At the conclusion of the mission it was revealed that the Confederation was a smokescreen for the Orion Syndicate, which had long been viewed as defunct. At present it is not known whether Chennel is aware of this or not, given that many employees are unaware of the 'Confederations true nature.

Once More, With Feeling

Chennel appears- via a holo communicator- during a meeting with Oma-Saan, her associate and Janker, a criminal from Tilanna V to organise a trafficking ring on behalf of the Regent of Palamar, who is losing a war against insurrectionists. She again uses the holo-communicator to appear to the senior staff trapped in Holodeck 7 to warn them not to interfere with her operations and that they wouldn't live long enough to regret it if they did.

Additional Information
Simm Archive
  • Loose Ends: Chennel makes an unexpected- and clandestine- reappearance on the Beta Quadrant's largest starbase.

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