Cascadia Rainier

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Deep Space 224


Cascadia Rainier


  • DoB: 233804.19
  • Weight: 189
  • Height: 6'2"
  • Eye color: Aquamarine
  • Hair Color: Platinum Blonde

Cascadia Rainier is a PNPC
of Kalianna Nicholotti.

Awards and Service Ribbons

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Cascadia is currently serving as the station commander for Deep Space 224, having been recalled from the position of the commanding officer of the USS Excalibur-A.

Character Information

  • Full Name: Cascadia Katahdin Rainier
    • Birth Name: Ky'raa Casialandra Acantha
  • Race: Selelvian
  • DoB: 233804.19 Sel'Vian
  • Age: 52
  • Gender: Female


  • Father: Fareen Nablaton Acantha
  • Mother: Jai'mari K'tadra Acantha
  • Siblings: Too many to list or even know.


  • Height: 5'10"
  • Weight: 189
  • Hair: Platinum Blonde
  • Eyes: Aquamarine
  • Skin: Pale
  • Build: Thin, Fragile Looking



Born Ky'raa Casialandra Acantha, she was given a more 'human' name when her parents brought her to Earth, when she was only a year old. Raised Cascadia (after the Cascade Mountain Range) Katahdin (highest mountain in Maine, US, meaning 'The Greatest Mountain'), Rainier (as in the stratovolcano, Mount Rainier), (though she goes by 'Cass' as it feels familiar to both her old and new names) she often got strange looks when her name was called out. Though her parents had made an attempt at humanizing her name, they'd faltered in their translation and she ended up standing out worse than she might have before simply because her parents had been somewhat obsessive with Earth's many mountains and mountain ranges.

Her only saving grace was the multitude of other species on the planet. As the home to the Federation, strange names only seemed strange in the somewhat secluded town in which her parents chose to raise her. As a child, she had always disliked that fact, but as she grew older and faced the fallout that resulted in her people going to war with the Federation, she found herself ultimately thankful for a secluded place to hide.

As one of the few Selelvians to have gone through the Academy and joined Starfleet, Cass wasn't ready to leave. She thought poorly of the corruption that her people suffered - at least in the eyes of the Federation - and the way they tried to use the 'Knack' to implant thoughts into the council and those in power. Sadly, she'd had a front row seat to the issues for some time as her parents were intimately involved later in the scheme (though at first they had been too enamored with the beauty of the planet - it was later when riches and power began to tempt them). When her people were expelled from the Federation, it was her friends who hid her, while her parents and everyone else she knew from home were sent away.

She's not seen or heard from them since that day, a day she never got to say goodbye.

Now 52, about a third of the way through her life, she's willingly given up all the benefits that might have gone along with her belonging to one of the more powerful Selelvian noble families. Cass knows that if she were to return home, she would be immediately handed the death penalty for her 'attempts to undermine the system of Selelvian government and rule' simply by staying behind and remaining a part of the Federation.

Twenty two years after the expulsion of her people from Earth and the Federation, Cass has proven her dedication to the Federation and had agreed to allow Starfleet medical to experiment on her body chemistry. The result was a way to water down her 'Knack' ability so that, while still useable, those affected would not feel it at full strength and would see it more as a random, unwarranted suggestion that really could be ignored.

Still, Cass makes all attempts not to use the ability at all, ever.

Assuming Command - Earth to the USS Excalibur A

In the wake of the disappearance and presumed death of Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti, Cascadia Rainier finally got her chance to command beyond the Sol System. Unsure of if those in places of power who were and are still bitter about the events leading to her people's expulsion from the Federation are looking to see her fail against the odds of actually pulling together a crew as broken and lost as that of the Excalibur promises to be, or if they just had no one else to take the role, she wastes no time in accepting. Taking a shuttle to a ship that slipstream jumps to the border of the Afehirr sector, and then taking another shuttle to the Excalibur itself, Cass joins Rear Admiral Andrus Jaxx as a member of the court to hear the court martial of Vitor Silveira, poised to take command only after she concludes her duty to the trial.

In the meantime, she plans on listening and learning as much as she can. Because of her race, and the aforementioned problems with the higher ups at Starfleet, Cass has never left the Sol system in any capacity. This new assignment changes everything.

Returning to Starbase 118

As it turned out, not all of Cass' fears were unfounded. In a way, it appeared that Starfleet Command had been looking for someone to mop up the mess that followed in the wake of Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti's disappearance more than it wanted a new Captain to take out one of its newest starships. The result was that as soon as possible, the XO of the Excalibur was given his own ship and most of the Excalibur's crew, while Cass was reassigned administrative duty aboard Starbase 118.

Still, being aboard the station is further from Earth than she expected to be. She's certain that there are eyes on her at any given time, but being aboard the station offers her a new sense of freedom that didn't exist on Earth. She might not be in command anymore, but she is more than content filling in her new role working to shore up fleet deployments and movements from her office near the top of the executive tower on the station.

Proof of Command

With the return of Kalianna Nicholotti, Cascadia found herself absolved of much that she had found herself saddled with following the event in the Afehirr Sector. It did not take long before Command offered her a new assignment as Commanding Officer of Deep Space 224, the station which the USS Resolution would call home base. It seemed that fate would intertwine Nicholotti with her yet again. This time she hoped that their relationship would not be one of strife.


Cass was entirely educated on Earth, as she had lived there since she was a year old. More Human than Selelvian, she learned the same curriculum that children on Earth did, though her mother often tried to supplement her education with extra 'classes' taught at home on Selelvian history and topics. She often found herself bored with these classes and teachings, though, and while she learned what was taught, she didn't weight it as heavily or as importantly as that which she was learning in the Human schools.

Following her graduation from the terran high school, she didn't hesitate to apply to Starfleet Academy. With her grades and test scores, she found it relatively simple to get in, though she would face plenty of difficulty once there, on account of her people and their ability.

Personal Notes

Interests and Hobbies

Cass enjoys being around animals of all kinds from various worlds. People often tell her she had some kind of connection with them, even though she sees herself as simply being animal friendly.

She loves music and prides herself on her collection of classics from Earth and the many worlds of the Federation.


More shy than one might expect from a Fleet Captain, Cass is mostly quiet and soft-spoken. At the same time, she commands respect in a strange manner that appears less like an outward aura and more like a suggestion that no one has bothered to argue against (but not at all related to her people's ability). It can sometimes be difficult to get through and become a friend, but once there, she will fiercely defend the friendship.

Likes and Dislikes

Though named after them, Cass hates mountains, probably on account of her parent's fascination with them. Still, she will visit them as they offer a kind of solitude she can find nowhere else. After all, they did shelter her when her people were sent from the world.


Cass is slightly shorter than others of her race due to density differences between her home planet and Earth, where she was raised.

Family History:

Cass comes from a noble line of Selelvian royalty and a huge family that spans an entire island country on her homeworld. Since the Selelvians had been expelled from the Federation, however, she has had no contact with her parents or any of her people. She believes that she is one of, if not the last Selelvian on Earth or in Starfleet at all.

The whereabouts and status of her family are completely unknown to her.

Notable Relationships

Career History

Career Overview
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
07-FleetCaptain-Red.jpg Fleet Captain - 239008.05 USS Excalibur-A Commanding Officer
07-FleetCaptain-Red.jpg Fleet Captain 239008.05 - 239707.19 USS Excalibur-A Commanding Officer
07-FleetCaptain-Red.jpg Fleet Captain 239707.20 - Present Deep Space 224 Commanding Officer

Interesting Notes