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Presented by the Executive Council

::As the Commanding Officer of Starbase 118, Fleet Captain Rocar knew he should try to be the first person to arrive at the ceremony, but he also suspected Fleet Admiral Wolf would manage to beat him, no matter what. Indeed, it wouldn't have surprised the Ktarian if Fleet Admiral Wolf managed to beat the janitorial staff who had to be there to prepare the room hours in advance of the ceremony. Rocar had been worrying about the preparations for the ceremony for weeks and now, with hundreds of visiting vessels docked at the Starbase for this evening's Starbase he had spent the day riding the wave of chaos and waiting for the annual event to begin. The Ktarian had left the command hub early to change for the evening's ceremony but with two young twin children at home to hijack him, the Fleet Captain was already running later than he'd planned. He had only just managed to straighten his dress whites as he rounded the corner and spotted one of his oldest friends.::

Rocar: Bejain!

::The shorter Bajoran in formal whites with red trim and with the captain's pips looked around and grinned. Rocar laughed enthusiastically and hugged his old friend before punching him on the arm.::

Rhys: Ow!

::Rocar chuckled a little. Rhys was one of the few officers that was still serving in Starfleet that made him act like a Cadet again when he saw him. The others of their generation and, indeed, previous generations had either retired from active duty or died in the line of duty. The pair of them spent so long hiding their emotions from their crew and remaining serious that it was always nice to be able to let their hair down briefly.::

Rocar: It is good to see you again.

::Bejain laughed ruefully and rubbed his arm.::

Rhys: It's good to see you, too Rocar. Seems like forever since I left Bajor! And you... ::he waggled his finger in the Ktarian's face:: ...still don't draw your punches!

Rocar: ::chuckling:: I didn't realize you'd gotten to old to take them... Come on, there's still a chance we can get there before Fleet Admiral Wolf.

Rhys: First time for everything. ::They started walking.:: And also the first time they've let me present at one of these events.

Rocar: Me too, but hopefully not the last now that you're back in uniform, where you belong. How does it feel?

Rhys: Very good to be back in Command Reds, though I've not been posted yet. Ambassador on Bajor is fine, but I miss the Triumphant.

::Rocar laughed again as the approached the doors to Starbase 118's main atrium. Captain Rhys had left behind his duties on the Triumphant for a diplomatic post on Bajor and had only just been called back. Having done a stint as Ambassador to Duronis II before returning to command of a starship then a starbase he knew exactly what Captain Rhys meant. He also remembered the scrapes that Rhys' old ship used to get into.::

Rocar: Well that little vessel probably let you blow things up a little more than an Embassy building does... now, let's hope this room has been prepared properly. Somehow, I let my Chief Engineer talk me into using some holographic technology this year and the cynical part of me is convinced we'll be speaking to a backdrop of yellow grid by the time we get to the duty post awards.

::The two officers entered Starbase 118's large atrium and started down the path through the recently trimmed grass towards the hundreds of chairs that had been arranged in the clearing. Sure enough, they could see that Admirals Wolf and Anassasi had beaten them to podium even though the ceremony was not scheduled to start for another thirty minutes. They descended the forest path and started down the aisle towards the large stage where their seats were positioned just right of the podium.::

Rocar: Good evening, Admirals.

::The large Ktarian smiled warmly at his superiors and shook their hands before looking around. To their right was a small lake that reflected the forest that surrounded the small clearing. With the daylight fading, decorative lighting shone back up at them over the rippling waters, while a faint breeze provided a relaxing atmosphere to the whole setting. The assembled Flag Officers spoke, relatively formally as they sat in their chairs and waited for the invited guests to arrive. 25 minutes later, a sea of Dress Whites filled the seats in front of them. Hundreds of Starfleet Officers from nearly every race in the United Federation of Planets waited for the annual event to begin. At a nod from stage right, the tall Ktarian took the podium.::

Rocar: Ladies, Gentlemen and various transgendered species, welcome to Starbase 118 for this year's annual awards ceremony in which we will honor and reward some of the hardest working officers in the Fleet. Without any further ado, I would like to hand over the podium to Rear Admiral Jessa Anassasi for the presentation of a special staff award.

::Rocar nodded at the Admiral as he vacated the podium for her. Jessa rose, moving gracefully across stage to present the first award.::

Anassasi: Thank you Fleet Captain Rocar. This evening it is my pleasure to begin this ceremony by awarding our first award to one of our more gregarious Captains in the fleet. The James T. Kirk crosss, named for one of the most notorious Commanding Officers in Starfleet, represents leadership and dedication to one's ship and crew. It is awarded to one of our most promising Captain's and helps set the stage for one's future in this organization. This year's recipient will join the ranks of Ad. Kelly, Ad. Randor, Fleet Captain Rocar, and others. They are all tough acts to follow, but I am positive our recipient is up to the challenge.

::Jessa pauses to remove the medal from the rosewood box.::

Anassasi: This year's recipient is one of our longer serving Officers. Beginning his career in 2379, this officer received official commission in January of 2385 when he moved from the area of diplomacy to exploration. During his brief tenure as Captain, our recipient has created an inspirational atmosphere that challenges the crew to excel in all ways. He sought out new opportunities for his crew to grow that included several joint missions. Despite the challenges faced as a new Captain, he has found time to serve on numerous administrative committees, and still finds time to indulge in his more creative pastimes including martial arts and art collecting. Indeed, our recipient demonstrates great potential in the area of leadership and command. It is with great pleasure that I award the James T. Kirk cross to Captain Daydan Taboo.

::Jessa looks down at her former Second Officer as he rises to join her on stage. Extending a hand, terran-style, she shakes Daydan's hand firmly before stepping slightly forward to pin the award to his dress whites.::

Anassasi: Congratulations, Captain Taboo.

::Stepping back, Jessa joins the crowd with a round of applause before both officers return to their seats. At the back of the stage, the large Ktarian figure in Fleet Captain's Dress Whites fidgeted slightly as he looked out at the assembled sea of officers. Clapping enthusiastically as one of his former First Officers received the James T. Kirk Cross, he was soon on his feet and making his way to the podium with his padd and a small box containing one of the Fleet's most prestigious awards.::

Rocar: Thank you Admiral Anassasi. Ladies and Gentlemen, I am particularly honored to be presenting this next award.

::The Ktarian placed the box on the front of the podium to reveal a gray, triangular metal award.::

Rocar: Named after one of Starfleet's greatest early explorers, the Christopher Pike Pendant is awarded to commanding officers who command their ship with both honor and dedication, helping to provide a creative atmosphere which fosters outstanding performances amongst their crew. To date, there have only ever been six recipients. But today, we are very pleased to say that number is about to increase. I will delay the suspense no more, though... Captain Tyr Waltas, would you please join me on the podium?

::Rocar waited with a smile as one of his former crewmates stepped up the stairs and came up to his side. Shaking Captain Waltas' hand firmly, the Ktarian handed him the Christopher Pike Pendant.::

Rocar: As commanding officer of the USS DISCOVERY, Captain Waltas has steered those under his command through some difficult crew change and has worked hard to create an outstanding atmosphere amongst the crew aboard his vessel. It is testimony to his leadership that the USS DISCOVERY continues to pursue her missions with honor and dedication. Of particular merit was the way in which Captain Waltas led his crew through in their encounter with the Genurans and the Paladins. We are, therefore, pleased to decorate Captain Tyr Waltas with the Christopher Pike Pendant.

::Rocar turned to face Tyr Waltas with a look of respect and pride.::

Rocar: Congratulations, Captain.

::As the newest recipient of the Christopher Pike Pendant descended from the stage, the tall Ktarian Fleet Captain turned back to face the large mass of Starfleet officers. Placing both his hands on the podium and glanced momentarily down at the padd in front of him.::

Rocar: Lieutenant Quinn Reynolds of Starbase 118 Ops, please.

::Rocar smiled warmly as one of his own officers came up the stairs and joined him on the stage.::

Rocar: Lieutenant Reynolds rose through the ranks of Starfleet as an engineering officer and spent the better part of this year fulfilling the duties of Chief Engineer aboard the USS INDEPENDENCE. Many who served with her during these times have referred to her as the most capable engineer they have ever served with; a woman who is ready and able to handle any-and everything. It is more than fitting, therefore, that Quinn Reynolds is the recipient of the this year's Phoenix Award. Named after the legendary engineer Zefram Cochrane's warp-capable vessel, this award recognizes the achievements of an Engineering Officer who continue Cochrane's tradition of excellence in the field of engineering by performing their tasks with enthusiasm, imagination and diligence. Lieutenant Reynolds, by managing to make your equipment perform above and beyond its rated capacities, you furthered the mission of the USS INDEPENDENCE with your superior know-how. In short, we recognize that you are nothing short of a miracle worker. Congratulations.

::The tall Ktarian handed the Lieutenant her award and bent over considerably to place a soft kiss on her blushing cheek before letting her leave the stage.::

Rocar: My next award is the Prantares Ribbon for a medical officer who has moved beyond competence to display a true gift for the healing arts in the context of space medicine. This officer has displayed the ability to keep a steady hand in the oft-hazardous conditions in which they must practice and has, also, shown a willingness to risk their own life to save the lives of others. Doctor Jophry Calhan of the USS INDEPENDENCE, if you would join me on stage please.

::Rocar clapped with the audience as a Terran male stepped up toward the podium.::

Rocar: Doctor, we are impressed by the attention you pay to the details of the medical profession, while creating a working environment in sickbay that is both comfortable and enjoyable, thanks to your sense of humor. Congratulations.

::The Fleet Captain gave Calhan his award and shook the Doctor's hand warmly.::

Rocar: And, now, I would like to hand over the podium to Captain Rhys Bejain.

::Rocar returned to his seat to take a sip of water from his glass whilst Rhys rose from his place among the dignitaries, and moved to the podium. He looked out over the sea of Starfleet Officers.::

Rhys: Lieutenant Commander Data, who I never had the good fortune to meet, was unique among the Federation as an artificial life form striving for humanity. As a part of this endeavor, he strived to create many works of art, musical, visual and plastic. While these works have pride of place in many museums and recordings, it wasn't just the artworks that made him great, but the striving. The constant striving to be more than the sum of his parts. The constant effort, whether or not he was successful. It is something we can all learn from, in our attempts to be ore than we are.

Today, we recognise that same effort in one of our own officers. An officer who entered every one of the bi-monthly writing challenges, regardless of whether he won or not. In point of fact, he was awarded the July-August challenge, and deservedly so.

It is this constant striving for excellence we recognise today in Lieutenant Jackson Kolk, Chief Tactical Officer of the USS Ronin. Lieutenant Kolk, please come forward.

::An officer in white formals with yellow trim moved to the podium, and stood at attention before Captain Rhys.::

Rhys: Lieutenant Kolk, it gives we, of the Executive Council, great pleasure to award you the Data Artistic Award.

::He held out his hand, which Kolk accepted.::

Rhys: Well done, Lieutenant.

::Applause and cheers broke out, particularly among the Ronin crew. Rhys caught the eye of Ben Walker, the CO and grinned at him for a moment, before returning to his seat applauding as Rocar returned to the podium::

Rocar: Lieutenant Commander Dickens of the USS TIGER, if you would take the stage please?

::Rocar clapped and waited as the a man with a goatee beard came up to him..::

Rocar: Lieutenant Commander Dickens, your outstanding ability as a tactical officer is well documented and recently saved both the USS TIGER and her crew during a run in with the Reapers. As such, it is our honor to present you with the Sisko Tactical Cross, an award which we give only to those tactical officers who have shown cunning and bravery in battle. You are one such master strategist - an expert in targeting and shield power distribution, we recognised that you have have done all you can to save their ship and the lives of your crewmates. Indeed, recently we were regaled with reports that you used a shuttlecraft to work around communications issues on the Tiger and redeploy the crew, whom were scattered across a ship which was badly damaged. A good piece of strategy that managed to work around the impossible. Well done, Commander.

::The Fleet Captain pinned a medal on the tactical officer's chest. Glancing down at his padd, he didn't even need to remind himself of the details behind the next officer's award.::

Rocar: It never ceases to amaze me that this next fellow has survived to still be around to collect this next award. On countless occasions he has risked his risked his own life to protect and preserve the lives of others. He is a Security officer who has constantly gone above and beyond the call of duty, Lieutenant Commander Tash Zubowskivich of the USS INDRIA, if you would please join me?

::Rocar clapped with a warm smile as his former Chief of Security came up to the podium. Rocar fixed the Natasha Yar pin to Lieutenant Commander Zubowskivich's chest and then patted him affectionately on the arm::

Rocar: You're an officer who has always reacted by doing what is right, regardless of what might be best for yourself. On behalf of us all, thank you and congratulations.

::Rocar then took a sip of water from the glass on the podium and paused for a second as he refreshed his memory by reading from the padd.::

Rocar: The Voyager Medallion is an award which we present to those Operations officers that have demonstrated outstanding skills in keeping their starships going; making sure duty rosters, provisions, gear, and even recreation time are available even through near-impossible circumstances. This year it was the Chief of Operations aboard the USS TIGER who stood out, Lieutenant Commander Jhen Thelev, if you please?

::Rocar clapped and waited until Lieutenant Commander Jhen Thelev was by his side on the stage before continuing.::

Rocar: What is even more impressive is when an Operations Officer combines these duties with those of the helm. We recognize that you have put your piloting abilities to good use as you made spectacular maneuvers at the service of the USS TIGER and her mission. It is our honor, therefore, to award Lieutenant Commander Jhen Thelev both the Voyager Medallion for Operations and the Pilot's Sextant. Named after an old Earth navigational tool, the Pilot's Sextant is given to those few Helm officers who have proven themselves to be amongst the best of the best. He has excelled in both duty posts and we wish him all the best for his future endeavors in his new duties on the command track.

::Rocar paused to join in the round of applause as the recipient left the stage. After all, it was not often an officer received more than one duty post award in the same year.::

Rocar: Next, Captain T'Pen will be joining us by holo-transmission from her current Deep Space assignment for a few words.

::The Ktarian stepped took a couple of steps back and looked suspiciously at the holopadd on the floor by the podium. Rocar's mistrust of certain technologies was fairly well known, even if people rarely confronted the Fleet Captain about them. There was an uncomfortable second before the technology flickered to life, working just the way everyone else in the room (apart from Rocar) had expected it to do. Once the hologram image of T'Pen appeared, the Ktarian retook his chair, mumbling something under his breath about his Chief Engineer and holotransmitters whilst those sat near him tried to keep a straight face.::

T'Pen: =/\= Good day. I've been asked to speak about the Top Sim Contest Winner. This year's winner is unique in that the sim presented was one that we as officers and fellow human beings can relate to on so many levels. We all have or will deal with death in the course of our lifetime. Whether it is personnel or corporeal loss, we all must grieve. This year's winner encapsulated the deep emotional cloud that hangs over a Command Officer, who must be the pillar of strength before his or her crew, but who should also shed a tear when it is deserved. On behalf of the Executive Council, I present the TSCW for 2008 to Captain Sidney Riley for her sim "What We Owe". Congratulations, Captain Riley. =/\=

::As T'Pen stepped back from the podium on her end, the Fleet Captain returned to the podium, still stern faced. As he looked at his padd, however, his features soon softened.::

Rocar: The role of ship's counselor is not one that should be easily overlooked. Throughout the fleet, these dedicated officers show great skill and patience as they protect the mental health of their crewmates who encounter difficult situations whilst on deep space assignment away from old friends and family for long periods of time. What is always harder, however, is when we lose those friends we have made amongst our own crew. Recently, on a mission to the planet Rakis, the USS RONIN suffered some of the most terrible losses of 2385. Yet Lieutenant Karynn Ehlanii helped her colleagues through, instigating group counseling sessions and clearly demonstrating superior ability to care, assist, and comfort those in need. Lieutenant, if you would join me on stage, we wish to recognize your determination, dedication and hard work with the Order of the Valiant Heart.

::The Fleet Captain clapped enthusiastically as the young lady joined him on the stage. Remembering she was a Haliian, he avoided holding out his hand or making physical contact. Instead, he handed the medal to her with a warm smile.::

Rocar: The next award is given to those Science officers who have contributed greatly to the advance of science in the midst of their Starfleet career, by staying knowledgeable about their field, participating in the community of science, but most importantly, by placing their knowledge at the service of their ship and its mission. This year's recipient has constantly created new equipment to advance the scientific field. We have no doubt that, if he could, she would create an instrument to scan every single object in the universe to the quantum level.

::Rocar paused for a wave of laughter and chuckles.::

Rocar: Ensign Sariel Locke of the USS INDRIA, you have helped your crew overcome difficult situations and your knowledge of the biological data of other species is second to none. Please come join me on stage to receive the Cochrane Award.

::The Ktarian clapped and shook the young Terran's hand, impressed that he had managed to earn such a high and distinguished fleetwide award so soon after graduating from Starfleet Academy.::

Rocar: I'd like to break for a moment with the awards, and bestow an honorable mention on William Rogers, who has won this year's Publicity Committee commendation for highest number of publicity activities completed. Without the hard work of the Publicity Committee, StarBase 118 would be suffering every more under the strain of recruiting difficulties. We thank William for his hard work and leadership among that team.

::Rocar then picked up a medal which he himself still wore on his dress uniform.::

Rocar: And I have one final award, the recipient of which fills what is, perhaps, the most difficult duty post of them all. The Strange Medallion is presented to First Officers who have performed above the call of duty. There was no doubt in our mind that, this year, there was one starship's First Officer who has been outstanding in doing a truly excellent job. Despite her duties, she still finds time to devote to her family. When wearing her red collar, she assists her Captain but motivates her crew; she develops things for everyone under her command. Her command style is subtle, not shy, but inspiring to all who serve with her. She has been in the fleet for a long time and what really stands out in this exemplary officer is her unwaivering commitment. I know her Commanding Officer has a lot of respect and admiration for her work and, on a personal note, it is a sentiment that I share strongly. In 2385 she has been one of our best officers, not afraid to take up the reigns and devote attention to things that others might miss and we are all confident that she will keep on seeking advice from her superiors and rapidly grow to be both bigger and better. Lieutenant Commander Arista Devar of the USS EAGLE, well done, and please come and collect your Strange Medallion.

::Rocar clapped and smiled warmly as he presented Lieutenant Commander Devar with a Flamingo shaped medallion - something that never ceased to amuse him.::

Rocar: Thank you everybody. Fleet Admiral Wolf will shortly be making some closing words but first I will hand over the podium to Captain Idril Mar for a special presentation, and I would like to invite all of you to stand as a mark of respect.

::The Fleet Captain returned to his seat but remained standing as the hundreds of Starfleet Officers assembled in the audience all got to their feet and Idril Mar took over at the podium. Stepping up to the podium, the red-haired Trill woman put the PADD on the lectern and tugged at the bottom of her dress uniform shirt. Clearing her voice, she spoke up.::

Mar: The last year, as we all know, has been one of great change in our little corner of Starfleet. Ships have come and gone as politics across the galaxy has changed in ways unseen and unimagined before. This year, we were not exempt from those changes.

The Kathryn Janeway Award is given to officers that, due to circumstances beyond their control, are taken from us. We have lost two of our longest-serving and most respected leaders, Admirals Hollis Calley and Jessa Anassasi. I served under Admiral Anassasi for a good number of years, many of them as her first officer. Admiral Hollis was a constant and personal influence on me. I know that they served as role-models and rule makers, peace-makers and group-binders for us all. We will sorely feel the loss of their experience, but we wish them fair winds in their post-retirement lives. In recognition of their extended service to Starfleet, we award them both the Kathryn Janeway Award.

::It was hard to avoid a tear escaping as everybody in the atrium clapped louder than ever before and the two Admirals came to the front of the stage and accepted their awards. The applause lasted a long time, and sounded like it was lifting the roof off the atrium. Waiting for the noise to die down, Captain Rhys stood up and motioned toward an intimidating but respected figure to the right of the stage.::

Rhys: And now, it's my pleasure to introduce Fleet Admiral Wolf.

::He returned to his seat applauding as Wolf moved to the podium. Pensive, as he sometimes is, Fleet Admiral Tristan Wolf took a moment to survey the crowd. He had only recently stood at a similar podium to present the awards to the StarBase 118 Operations crew, and now was once-again taking the opportunity to again perform a task that he hadn't done in a few years. With his recent, failed bid for the Federation presidency, he was a man chastised by many. This was a good place to start re-earning dignity, he supposed, if he cared about that sort of thing.::

Wolf: Good evening, to all who have come, or are watching this ceremony from the far reaches of the Federation. We are all a family of equals, and it is certainly my pleasure to be just one patriarch in this tree. You've all been incredibly stalwart over the course of the past few years, in the face of adversity and change, and in the face of challenges and roadblocks. Such is the life of a StarFleet officer, and I know that you all do it willingly, honestly, and earnestly. But nonetheless, it is incredibly important that we, the staff, stand before you and recognize both your contributions, and sometimes even our own. That said, I'd like to present some promotions to ::cough:: dearfriends.

::Never one to show much emotion, if you could even honestly say he had any to show, Wolf turned to the nearby table and took the last three boxes back to the podium.::

Wolf: First, I'd like to ask Rhys Bejain to join me here.

::The Bajoran, seated behind Wolf, came forward to face the crowd as he stood next to the Admiral.::

Wolf: Although Rhys has just recently returned from leave, he has already, once again, proven himself to be an indisposable source of knowledge, wit, and guidance. With his new position in our fleet, we look to him to take up the mantle once carried by another Bajoran, whose torch today gets passed. For all of the work he has already done, for all enthusiasm he provides, and for all the long years ahead of public service, I'm happy to promote him to the rank of Commodore.

::Wolf opened the box and removed the one-piece insignia, inside which were one filled, and one hollow pip. Rhys removed the four pips already on his collar, and replaced them with the new piece. Wolf shook his hand warmly, then allowed him to return to his chair.::

Wolf: Next, we honor another of our staff for her dedication and loyalty to our organization. Captain T'Pen's efforts as a Commanding Officer have shown that with a bit of elbow grease and spit-shine, anyone can become better than what they were. And with constant guidance, education, and a total willingness to be open to any new experience, our fleet can reform, grow, and strive for the greatest reaches of character and dignity. Thank you, Captain T'Pen, for your willingness to climb the mountains some of the rest of us are unwilling to scale. We honor you with a promotion to the rank of Fleet Captain.

::Across a distance of many millions of miles, T'Pen rose and approached the pad on the floor. In the atrium, her image appeared. Wolf shook hands with the image, and then laid the box he had retrieved before, this time open, back on the table. T'Pen would later be able to retrieve her new insignia, this a single filled pip inside a thin outline, at the replicator in her quarters.::

Wolf: Now, to the Fleet Captain who has been officiating this ceremony: Rocar.

::Wolf emphasised Rocar's name, as he had been informed after the Ops ceremony that he had mis-pronounced the Ktarian's name repeatedly. Rocar approached the podium, clearly surprised.::

Wolf: Rocar's enthusiasm for our work has been nothing less than monumental, like his size. He has been a driving force behind a number of projects, and often been the lackey who's been left to gather my dry-cleaning and special orders in the Habitat when I've been busy. ::Laughter.:: While I kid, just a little, it's true that Rocar is always willing to lend a helping hand and keep our fleet's gears greased and turning. While bureaucracy ties the hands of many, Rocar's strength is in breaking those bonds. He has command his numerous duty posts with distinction, has groomed his crew with diligence and patience, and regularly mentors new captains. For these many efforts, we promote Rocar Drawoh to the rank of Rear Admiral.

::Picking up the last box, Wolf handed the final insignia to Rocar, then shook his other hand. The two shared a few words as applause continued, before the new Rear Admiral returned to his seat.::

Wolf: Before we finish, I would like to make note of two procedural items. The recently promoted Fleet Captain T'Pen has been inducted as a full member of the Executive Council of StarBase 118, while Captain Daydan Taboo has been elected the Captains Council Magistrate. The current Executive Council Magistrate will retain his role. Captain Idril Mar will be taking on the task of Captain at Large for the Executive Council.

::The Fleet Admiral checked the prompters, and his PADD, one last time.::

Wolf: Finally, I would like to recognize two people who have spent a great deal of time over the past two years participating in the sometimes thankless job of training new recruits for this fleet. Our Academy campus has been sparse, as recent wars have thinned the numbers willing to put their lives on the line for peace. But Sidney Riley and Toni Turner have both unhesitatingly guided new Cadets through the arduous process, and have also acted as a mentor and assistant to the training officers who do the nitty-gritty work alongside Riley and Turner. Our current Academy Commandant will now become the "Academy Superintendent," a mostly bureaucratic figure-head, while Captain Sidney Riley will take the lead position of Academy Commandant. Commander Toni Turner therefore becomes the Deputy Commandant, while retaining her position of Chief Cadet Steward. Many thanks to both of them, and congratulations on their promotion.

::The many people applauded loudly as the two stood and graciously accepted their honors.::

Wolf: This hereby concludes the 2385 award ceremony. Again, you people are the reason why we do this, and the reason we can make it happen. Here's to a wonderful 2386!

::The newly promoted Rear Admiral stood up and came alongside Fleet Admiral Wolf with a smile. He still wasn't sure which surprised him more - his promotion or the fact Wolf had actually got his name right for once. He smiled at the audience.::

Rocar: My fellow officers, I hope you will stay for a while - enjoy the good food, make the most of each other's company and enjoy the rest of tonight's festivities here on the Starbase.

::With that the Flag officers cleared the stage and stepped down to the masses of happy faces as a big band began to play. The party would, as always, last long into the night - the hundreds of assembled Starfleet officers all had colleagues to congratulate and plenty to celebrate::