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Presented by Fleet Admiral Tristan Wolf

Another year, come and gone. As the seasons cycle, it's a pleasure to write this ceremony in honor of our twelfth year. So many people have contributed to our group in these past years, and being able to show appreciation, as a group, for the effort expended to help keep our group moving "onward and upward" with each passing year. Thank you to everyone who has been here to make this happen. Whether you're listed below or not, you're still a vital part of our continuing mission among the stars, and without you, we couldn't have done it!

Let's begin this year by presenting our Duty Post awards to those knowledgeable engineers and surly scientists:

Prantares Ribbon - Medical Officer(s) of the Year: Solok (Ursa Major), and Toni Turner (Challenger)

Natasha Yar Pin - Security Officer of the Year: Kwame Alexander (Victory)

Cochrane Award - Science Officer of the Year: James Levin (Challenger)

Pilot's Sextant - Helm Officer of the Year: Marcus Dickens (Independence)

Order of the Valiant Heart - Counseling Officer of the Year: Aresee Ventu (Victory)

Voyager Medallion - Operations Officer of the Year: Shalom Winters (Challenger)

Phoenix Award - Engineering Officer of the Year: Eskyys (Discovery)

Congratulations to all these officers for their obvious creativity and effort! It's clear that their peers have recognized the fruits of their labor, and we hope they will continue crafting stories with us for a good while.

With an average sim rate of 182 for the year of 2006, the USS Challenger has been a bastion of enthusiasm -- not to mention our most self-motivated crew! (Don't "Challenge" them to a simming-duel unless you're ready to lose your shirt!) Helping to remind all of us what the good-ol'-days of simming were like, the Commanding Officer of this vessel, Captain T'Pen, eschews the qualities of an up-and-coming staff member that we look for. His willingness to tutor and work closely with his crew, his constant and eager cheerleading of his crew, and his participation in a number of committees makes him the perfect candidate for the Kirk Cross, given to a new captain who shows "outstanding potential" in the field of commanding. We look forward to what he has for us in the next year, if our inboxes can keep up!

For the next award, here are the words of Vice Admiral Hollis Calley:

"In character, Fleet Captain Christopher Hutton has overseen several sims with battle themes. This past summer he joined the USS Ursa Major, USS Triumphant, and USS Independence in the Ithassa region for the ‘Gorn Conflict.' Leading a relief task force, Hutton came to the aid of Task Force Discovery. Trapped between a mine field and an overwhelming number of Gorn vessels, Hutton used the mines to destroy the Gorn fleet before it could destroy DS17. Beyond the IC reasons, the Executive Council would like to thank Fleet Captain for his loyalty to our group through a difficult 2006 and his continued presence with us. As such, it is our pleasure to award him the Andorian Battle Star. Thank you, and congratulations Fleet Captain Hutton."

Next, it is my privilege to again award the Sarek Star. Captain Rocar Drawoh has spent the last two years reaching beyond his comfort zone and being a stalwart example of how a staff member can learn and grow from every experience attempted in our organization. Having taken on the Duronis II Embassy, he made it his own and wove a fascinating tale of diplomacy from a member-suggested idea. This planet-based simming installation was the first attempted in our group in over eight years, and can be said to be a resounding success in the new ground it broke -- showing all of our staff that with a little grease and spit-shine, new plots can move smoothly and beautifully. Meanwhile, he also followed in the footsteps of last year's Sarek Star recipient by serving as the Magistrate for the Captains Council. He skills as a mediator have grown throughout this past year in many arenas, and for that, we congratulate him on receiving this award.

For the presentation of the Karagite Order of Heroism, Rear Admiral Jessa Anassasi:

"This award has only been awarded three times in our illustrious twelve years on the net. This year we add Captain Rhys Bejain to this remarkable list. During the summer, Captain Rhys participated in a multi-site sim with the Ursa Major and Independence. He led the Triumphant on a mission in defense of DS 17. In dramatic fashion, Captain Rhys sacrificed a long running secondary ship, the USS Tucson to save the station IC. OOC, Captain Rhys has maintained a quality ship with strong ties throughout the fleet. He is active in many areas with the club with an unwavering loyalty. His recent venture has found its way onto the podcasting community as he strikes out into the dog-eat-dog world of publicity. I can not think of a more deserving award for such strident defense and loyalty to this club. Congratulations, Captain Rhys!"

Now, more words from Hollis Calley:

"It may be surprising to some, but not all those who depart leave a legacy of good will in this group. The Janeway Award has been given regularly since 2002 to those officers who have left the group in a graceful and amicable manner, as a reminder to those who remain that poise and manners leave a strong impression. We are fortunate this year that our two nominees did not go 'Missing in Action,' but have instead remained in the fleet as active and productive members. Captain Steve McCall retired from command in early 2006, having prepared the current Commanding Officer in the process normally required by our group. The transfer of command was both smooth and efficient. Nonetheless, he remains active with that crew, simming on the Discovery while also taking an active part in discussion on the boards and the Captains Council. Our other nominee, Captain Kare'en, left command of the Wallce this last spring. With such creative faculties at his disposal, the loss of his voice would have been a void in our chorus. Thankfully, he remains simming with us, and also remains in communication with the friends he made while on his path to command. To Captains McCall and Kare'en, we thank you for your continued roleplay in our group, and we appreciate your willingness to allow others the chance at command."

Receiving the next award is one of the longest-standing commanding officers in our group, Vice Admiral Hollis Calley. Having led the Kodiak for many years, and now the Ursa Major, he is a shining example of one person can create their own lore within this group. He is an exemplar among Captains, and a trusted counselor for many of our staff. For continuing to "advance peaceful relations" with species throughout our quadrant, and those in the frontier, the Shuvalis Diamond of Recognition.

Here again, Jessa Anassasi:

"The next award, as in years past, is being presented to a set of recipients. First awarded in 1999, the Strange Medallion is given to those First Officers who are dedicated both IC and OOC to their crew, their Captains, and this club. They serve us in the capacity of moderators of our sim sites, trainers of new crew, moderator on the forums, wiki contributors, and mentors. We hope these officers will follow in the footsteps of their predecessors and someday join the rank of Captain.

About my own First Officer, Commander Idril Mar, I have this to say: "Commander Mar has performed admirably in the position of First Officer over the course of the last year. She has truly been an asset to my ship and crew."

Of Lieutenant Commander Diamond, Captain Phoenix says, "Ever since his arrival during the Victory's problematic time, Paul Diamond has worked very hard to assist in keeping the Victory group flourishing and continuing. His IC and OOC dedication to the ship has been nothing short of exemplary." Lieutenant Commander Toni Turner adds, "... (Paul) is truly respected for all that he has accomplished."

Captain T'Pen has this to say about Lieutenant Commander Frazier: "Samal Frazier has been a strong asset to the staff and crew of the USS Challenger over the past year. His dedication, determination and devotion to the crew in and out of character, are above reproach."

This year, we recognize Commander Idril Mar, Lieutenant Commander Paul Diamond, and Lieutenant Commander Samal Frazier for their dedication and contributions to our club. Congratulations one and all!"

In his final presentation for this ceremony, again Hollis Calley:

"Just over a year ago, Captain Robin Phoenix was pitched into command of the USS Victory by the sudden departure of his Captain. In the last year, through difficult personal times, Phoenix has managed to grow Victory into a strong vessel, and maintain the tight-knit atmosphere that the crew enjoyed before the difficult transition period. What truly impresses us is that he has done so while also engaging in the Captains Council in a level-headed and sincere fashion, without a hint of drama. Meanwhile, he is also a global moderator of our forums, where he plays an active role in ensuring that our Out of Character area is enjoyable for all. For these efforts, we award the Federation Peace Medal. Thank you for a great year, Captain Phoenix."

Our final presentation is to an officer who just about everyone in the fleet is sure to recognize at the mere mention of her name: Rear Admiral Jessa Anassasi. Her diligent work in our Academy helped usher a whole generation of simmers into our fleet, while her organizational skills helped revitalize our training program with a completely new system of training officers, helping us to prevent burnout and create a higher-quality training. Not to mention the fact that she, during the time of her stewardship in the Academy, also runs a continually high-quality ship and also serves on both the Captains Council and the Executive Council as an active and outspoken member. Without her guidance, motivation, and tireless effort our group would not be where it is today. Thus, we grant her the Picard Award, this group's highest commendation for a staff member. Thank you for everything you have, and continue to do, Jessa.

Thank you again to everyone who simmed with us this year. As we head in to year 13, I look forward to more great simming and continued fellowship with all those here. Let's continue to raise the bar for international communities on the internet.