Awards Ceremony, 2004

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::It isn't often the captains of StarBase 118 fleet meet face-to-face. Strictly speaking, for them to be doing their jobs they needed to be out there pushing back the frontiers and holding chaos at bay. Still, against all odds, a good portion of SB118's command staff managed to be in the same place at the same time. Surprisingly there were no sudden crises to pull them all apart. So on a big stage they assembled to honor their own. Drawing lots, Rear Admiral Hollis received the honor of announcing the awards while Vice Admiral Reider handed out the awards and shook hands.::

HOLLIS: We begin with the James T. Kirk Cross for the most promising new Captain. Captain Avatar has been active on fleet councils, assisted other ships, and been a driving force for recruitment. It is with pleasure that we award him the James T Kirk Cross.

::The cool-looking blue Andorian moves from his chair to accept the cross, and then Hollis continues.::

HOLLIS: It is some how fitting we honor one of our members retiring from service after welcoming Captain Avatar. Fleet Captain Alder Aquiss Garveen could be seen as the last of the old guard Captains. She served as Captain with other legendary StarBase 118 Captains like Rear Admiral Kelly and Captain Jolon. In her time in the fleet she worked hard at training and helped our communication net work. It is honor to award the Katherine Janeway Award to this grand dame of the fleet.

::Hollis smiles as the gray haired woman moves forward to receive her award.::

HOLLIS: Another one of our fine Captains is retiring to spend more time with her family. Captain Daninburg has been a fixture of the fleet for many years. She served in the marines, and then on the Caladonia, before joining Kodiak. After a brief time away she rejoined the fleet to command the USS Paladin. Excellence has always been her by word. It is fitting that on her retirement Captain Rachel Daninburg be inducted into the Karagite Order of Heroism. Only Rear Admiral Kelly and Captain Draigon share this honor.

::Applause ripples through the audience as the olive skinned earthling steps forward to receive blue ribbon..::

HOLLIS: Excellence though is a feature of all StarBase 118 captains. Today we also honor another captain who had year-in and year-out run one of the best ships or bases in the fleet. Fleet Captain Hebron lead StarBase 118 Operations with distinction for several years before returning to the USS Constitution. In all his endeavors Fleet Captain Hebron brings unstoppable energy and a drive to succeed. In this, he is like those early Captains who made StarFleet great. It is an honor to award Fleet Captain Hebron the Christopher Pike Pendant.

::A huge almost rock-like creature rises from a reinforced chair to stand before Reider, and receive the award.::

HOLLIS: In the end, the Federation and StarFleet are about fostering peaceful coexistence between different worlds and peoples. The last two awards I am to present honor two captains who truly live the IDIC philosophy. The first is Captain Draigon. In the last year he has continually proven his ability to work hard toward peaceful solutions in the fleet. He has gained the respect of his peers by keeping calm and thereby keeping the peace. To Captain Draigon we award the Sarek Star.

::With a smile, a handshake, and applause Draigon receives the odd looking Vulcan star.::

HOLLIS: The Federation Peace Medal, now. It is awarded to individuals who have built a career on fostering respect, cooperation, and peace within the Federation and StarBase 118 community. Fleet Captain Anassasi has acted as counselor, mentor, and friend to the vast majority of those present today. It is with great pleasure we award her the Federation Peace Medal.

::The lithe white haired woman moves forward to accept the Peace Medal as the crowd applauds.::

HOLLIS: Now, Admiral Reider...

::The older gentleman moves behind the podium, allowing Hollis to move in the ever-graceful Bajoran manner off to the side.::

REIDER: This year we have one award to give to three very special people. The Xalor Clan Xifilis Pendant has, for many years now, been a symbol of those who have persevered through some of life's most darkest moments. Our first recipient for this honor is Xoet Twelve. Although he cannot be here at the moment, as he is on assignment at Duronis II Colony, we wish to award him with the Xalor Clan Xifilis Pendant for continuing his duty through moments of family difficulty.

REIDER: Our next recipient is Jalek Trollin, who through his earnest achievement and continuing willingness to maintain his post even when life has been, at times sorrowful, is a testament to all of us who would give up in times when we should be forging ahead.

REIDER: And finally, while this last recipient is no longer with us, we still remember K'trani Vr'Ner's valiant struggle with disease. We award him with the Xalor Clan Xifilis in true rememberance of the namesake of this award, as this officer boldly goes into the final frontier.

::Hollis assembles the three pendants, only unique in the inscriptions of the officer's names listed on the back of each, and hands them to the Admiral. Reider thanks him quietly and carries them to the display case, where they will remain for the next few weeks before being delivered to the officers, or their surviving relatives.

HOLLIS: This concludes this years staff awards. It would like to say on behalf of the Admirals of StarBase 118 how proud we are of each and everyone of you. Any greatness of this fleet is due to the tireless efforts of each one of our Captains and Commanders. You train your crews, lead special committees, and spend countless hours on the least glamorous parts of the service. We salute you.