Atan Lera

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USS Constitution-B
Atan Lera
Position Student
Rank N/A
Species Ferengi
Gender Girl
Birthplace Ferenginar

Atan Lera is a minor child currently resident on the USS Constitution-B, and is the adoptive daughter of Atan Evria. She is a PNPC simmed by Atan T'Seva.


  • Name: Atan Lera
  • Age: 12
  • Birthplace: Ferenginar
  • Hometown: East Morvin
  • Species: Ferengi


  • Height: 4'9"
  • Hair: None
  • Skin tone: Medium brown
  • Eyes: Dark brown
  • Physique: Small, not yet hit adult size, slightly scrawny


  • Birth Mother: Vyra, waitress at a cafe on Endaasi
  • Adoptive Mother: Atan Evria, civilian botanist on the USS Constitution
  • Father: Nagus Gar, noted Ferengi businessman
  • Siblings: Adoptive sister, Atan T'Seva, Chief of Tactical, USS Constitution


Some Ferengi have moved into the future. Some haven't. And Nagus Gar is misogynistic even by Ferengi standards. The woman he "married," or more accurately bought, Vyra, was of an ethnic minority and he may have chosen her because she was exotic. He fathered one child on his disappointment, a daughter.

That was when the abuse started, but Vyra was secretly taking steps to ensure that there would be no more children. She endured his abuse until the first day he struck five-year-old Lera...and that was when she found a coyote to smuggle her clean out of Ferengi space. She felt, rightly or wrongly, that was the only way to be safe.

Smart, but not well educated, she landed on the resort world of Endaasi, where she waited tables in a cafe and was working up to manager when she was killed in a not entirely natural earthquake. Lera was retrieved by a retired StarFleet office who, hearing the child's second hand testimony was determined to keep her in Federation space...adopted her and took her to Bajor.

Where she spent two miserable years. The part of Bajor they lived in was a backwater, the other kids had seen few offworlders and knew Ferengi only by reputation. Lera had few friends and experienced bullying, most of it not physical (for example, one kid would misquote the Rules of Acquisition at her).

Eventually, Evria knew something had to change, and after Lera discovered that the Orbs don't work for Ferengi, likely because of their four-lobed brains, she asked to leave Bajor.

Evria considered various options before petitioning to join her daughter on the USS Constitution. So, now Lera is a fleet brat...and perhaps she'll find the same home in StarFleet that many other misfits have over the years.


Lera is a bright, curious and often bookish child. She is more a numbers person than a words one and thinks she wants to be a scientist...given her age, though, she may well change her mind a few times.

She has developed a thick skin from dealing with bullying, but has not yet truly learned the tools to deal with it. Hopefully she will not need to on a Federation starship.

She wants to explore, to fly perhaps in a few years...