Atan Evria

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USS Constitution-B
Atan Evria
Position Civilian Botanist
Rank LtCmdr (Ret)
Species Bajoran
Gender Woman
Birthplace Bajor

Atan Evria is a civilian botanist who lives and works on the USS Constitution-B. She is a PNPC simmed by Atan T'Seva.


  • Name: Atan Evria
  • Age: 51
  • Birthplace: Bajor
  • Species: Bajoran
  • Rank: LtCmdr (ret)


  • Height: 5'5"
  • Hair: Dark brown, long, worn in a bun
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Physique: Slightly heavy


  • Spouse: LtCmdr Sarek, StarFleet science officer, deceased
  • Children: Atan T'Seva, Chief of Tactical, USS Constitution. Atan Lera, adopted, 12.


Evria was born on the worst time. Her family managed to get off when she was very young and lived as refugees on a human colony called Talon III. She went to university on Earth and studied at the University of Michigan before joining StarFleet as a science officer.

She became close friends with another science officer, Sarek. Both had achieved the rank of LtCommander and were in many ways vying for the department headship, but their friendship meant it was a very friendly rivalry.

Then Sarek was exposed to an unknown plant that caused a temporary hormonal imbalance, sending him into premature Pon Farr. He was unbonded and Evria offered to help. One thing led to another and the two were married not long after...and Evria was pregnant.

Sarek was MIA presumed dead, and it would be many years before she knew what happened to him or his katra was returned to Vulcan.

Unable to handle continuing alone, she resigned from StarFleet and returned to Bajor, settling in a small town in Varnak Province where she opened a flower shop and did her best to raise a hybrid daughter on her own. She refused her husband's clan's attempts to bond the child, and raised her in Bajoran customs. However, she did allow them to have her for a time as a teenager so she could be taught control over her Vulcan telepathy.

She was not surprised when T'Seva joined StarFleet. She didn't want her to, but she also wasn't going to be that type of mother.

Years later she joined T'Seva for a "family reunion" organized by Jalana Rajel, CO of the USS Constitution. This included a trip to the resort world of Endaasi, which ended with a disaster...and a new addition, a Ferengi girl she rescued. Protecting Lera from her family on Ferenginar ended with Evria adopting her and taking her back to Bajor. This did not work well, and for Lera's sanity and growth she has elected to join her daughter on the Constitution.

Although she has no desire to reactivate her commission, she has offered to assist with the arboretum and within her speciality.


Evria is motherly, easily flustered, and intelligent. She will always support her children, even in decisions which mystify her (such as and for example dating a Cardassian, she doesn't approve, but...)

When she goes into scientist mode she has a strong attention to detail, but is not always the best team player.