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Crew of the USS Eagle
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Armand Van Decapprio

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  • Gender: Male
  • Position: Science Officer
  • Rank: Ensign
  • Race: Berellian/Kerelian
  • Spouse: None
  • Family: None

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Ensign Armand Van Decapprio, is currently a science officer aboard USS Eagle.



  • Height: 1.91m (6'3'')
  • Weight: 195 lbs.
  • Hair Color: Sandy blond
  • Eye Color: Grey


  • Spouse: None
  • Children:None
  • Parents
    • Father: Armand Van Decapprio Sr., Pianist and Vocalist
    • Mother: Delia Cassandra Van Decapprio, "Lady Cassandra". Pianist and Volcalist

Delia Cassandra Van Decapprio, known as Lady Cassandra on the entertainment circut. Her beautiful soprano voice is known through out the 4 sectors of space and then some. She sells out a hall or a house in minutes of notification and leads a luxurious life style, flaunting herself and her prestigous family, whom are also rich with talents

Lady Cassandra and Armand Van Decapprio Sr. met on the planet of Risa. Armand Van Decapprio Sr, a pianist and singer, opened for Lady Cassandra and the pair played a duet of duets, playing two baby grand piano's and sining together. They both brought the house down and never separated. Amand Senior fell madly in love with Lady Cassandra despite the rumors and gossips of having many suitors. Determined to wisk her off her feet in marriage, Lady Cassandra finally gave in after falling sick from a deadly virus. She awakened to find Armand at her side, sleeping in a sitting position ather bed side. After the elaborate wedding some few months later Armand Jr. was born.

The family toured together, playing in several halls the theatures across known space. However, despite their fame, Armand found out something more about his family that he did not know of when he was younger. While on Vulcan and studing he came across some "old friends" of his father, who told him about his father's past life and the life he still led. This was the darker side of the Decapprio name that many knew nothing of. Yet, Armand wws told that the Decapprio name carried some weight in high offices on some worlds and in the Black Market and in Intelligence. Armand tried to find out more on his own but was denied access to all information regarding is father's past before he met his mother. Armed with this information, Armnd wanted to tell his mother of his father's ties with such, but his mother's love for his father kept him from doing so. Anger by this news and inablity to find out if such were the truth, he departed the family business of entertainment and enered Star Fleet Academy gainst their wishes. This of course broke up the family band of muscians, which broke his mother's heart. Yet before Armand left his family, he spoke to is father and told him of what he had found out. His father did not own up to it nor deny it but simply suggest he not dig further. Armand senior stated to his sun that he was making a grave mistake by joining Star Fleet but Armand knew it was the only way to find out more about his father's past.

  • Siblings:

STewart Van Decapprio - Younger brother, violinist Sedrick Van Decapprio: Youngest brother, percussionist

syliva Van Decapprio: Only sister - desceased. Was and exceptional aspiring pianist and vocalist. Died in shuttle incident on Bajor.

Personal History

Armand has not recollection of where he was born, Yet he does recall having traveled with his parents and family to many planets throughout the 4 known sectors. He recalls being taught mostly by hired governesses. Yet there was high turn over because his parents insisted they spend most of their time on their talents instead of just general studies. Yet, Armand had more interst in science, mathmatics, warp theory and the latest science finds, especiall nano-tech. He was also very familiar with the latest technologies.

After travelling around with his family and reaching the ripe age of joining some academy, Armand announced that he would go to the Vulcan Science Institute and study science and medicine. Spending 4 years there, he rejoined his family and travelled with them for a year at their insistance and then he stood up to them and stated he would go and join Star Fleet on Earth. He told them that hisinterests were not to be a musician but to use his abilities and with mediocre marks in regular subjects but excelling in science, medical and operations.


  1. 237308.01: Graduated from the Vulcan Science Institute
  2. 237406.21: One year with parents
  3. 237408.01: Joined Starfleet Academy
  4. 238012.31: Graduated Starfleet Academy
  5. 238101.05: Attained his PH.d in Astrology
  6. 238608.01: Assigned to Starbase 118 as a science officer.
  7. 238609.30: Re-assigned to the USS Eagle

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