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  • it's orbit is approximately 127 million km from it's star
  • a class M planet with a diameter of 16,245 km (10,153 miles).
  • a density of 4.9 and a gravity of 1.14 G's
  • an earth like atmosphere with a pressure of about 1.0 earth normal, with nitrogen 72%, oxygen 23% and other gases 3%
  • it has an axial tilt of 19% that results in earth like seasonal variations
  • temperatures and environmental conditions are extremely earth like
  • surface water over 53% of the planets surface with 46% of that being salt water oceans
  • with a year of 302 days, each day is 22 hours long
  • predominate terrain type is steep hills, mountains and valleys


This planet has plenty of organic material as well as heavy, industrial and light metals. However gems, crystals, radioactives and rare metals are scarce and hard to find.


  • it has 1 medium moon
  • Aries IIIa: is 2,798 km (1,749 miles) in diameter, with a density of 4.8 and a gravity of 0.19 G's. It orbits the planets surface at a height of 31,660 km. (19,787 miles)


Their history has been reletively peaceful with few wars amongst themselves. They tend to be a very laid back and relaxed people. In fact it takes a lot to piss them off. This more than anything may be the reason why so few wars were ever fought in their past.

They developed at a steady pace. Their first few attempts at space travel were failures and they gave it up for almost 100 years. Then they learned they were not alone so they tried again. This time they did it right.

Since then they have pushed hard to colonize those systems close to them. This is the only major change to their previous history of exceedingly slow technological development.


About 50% of the planet is covered with water. The rest of the planet seems to be a mass of hills and valleys broken up by towering mountain ranges. While many types of vegetation grows on the hills their are many areas of wind swept rock as well. This is the homeworld of the Aries.


The Aries have a centralized form of government. Each region which represents approximately 1 billion people elects 3 representatives. All these representatives then meet in the capitol city of Ewuel, in the huge hall of assembly. Here all issues are discussed and then voted on. The majority of votes decides the issue and it is then passed or defeated. At this time they will then move on to the next issue.


Their are an estimated 22 billion Aries living here on their homeworld. According to their records their may be as many as 8 billion liveing off world.

Orbiting Stations

They have a number of communications, weather and defensive satellites. They also have a research station, commercial station, military station, repair facility, a huge starbase that functions as a market and meeting place for contact with aliens and a number of ship yards.

Starfleet Intelligence Files

  • no Federation contact with their homeworld yet but their is a partial file on first contact made by the USS Equinox - see Aries for more data. Most of our current information is second hand, recieved from Bajoran, pre-occupation records.