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USS Mercury


Service Details
  • Position: Helm/Comm Officer
  • Ship: USS Mercury
  • Rank: Ensign
  • Posted: 239008.14
Awards and Service Ribbons

Vash Solinari, an Invernian male, is currently a helm and communications officer aboard the USS Mercury.

Biographical Data


  • Full Name: Vash Solinari (Note: Being an Invernian, his family name comes first. Thus he should be addressed "Mr/Ensign Vash").
  • Nicknames: Soli (childhood), Lieutenant Lightbulb (Academy, light-hearted, derogatory, referring to his shiny white bald head)
  • Race: Invernian
  • Date of Birth: 236610.31 (34 years old)
  • Place of Birth: Josa, Ha'aijosa
  • Gender: Male
  • Telepathic status: E4/T0


  • Height: 5'7
  • Weight: 126lbs
  • Hair Color: Bald.
  • Eye Color: Grey-Blue
  • Skin Tone: White (as in, colourless, not caucasian. See Physiology below).
  • Build: Skinny, wiry.
  • Eyes: Large, bright. Usually darting around taking note of everything that's going on. Vash is very alert and aware of his surroundings
  • Mouth: Small, thin-lipped, always seems to be working even if no sound is coming out.
  • Carriage: Moves swiftly and enthusiastically. Very jumpy and skittish. Not exactly "stealthy" as he can be quite clumsy and erratic, but quiet and nimble.
  • Poses: Hands are always busy, usually wringing in his lap when not actually operating a console, or locked behind his back and fidgeting when walking or standing at ease. Vash doesn't really do "at ease" to any great degree.
  • Taste in Clothing (when off duty): Wears long, black, sleeveless Invernian robes when off duty, studded with little metal jewels which represent each star he has convened with as part of his personal ritual. Also wears an old tattered bracelet he believes to be a relic of the Josainari.
  • Voice: Relatively high-pitched, clipped. Uses short sentences and very rarely uses personal pronouns to begin sentences, instead relying on context to infer them.
  • Handedness: Technically ambidextrous but prefers to use his right hand for most things.


Invernians naturally have pale, nearly-colourless skin (similar to the common conception of Albinism in real-world earth). The actual pigment, however, is changed by emotion with different emotions creating different hues of skin tone. This is essential for communication on Ha'aijosa, but can appear quite unusual or even comical to other species. As this understanding of others' emotions is so ingrained into Invernian culture, most Invernians - especially those who plan to leave the system or mix with aliens for any period of time, with Solinari very much included in this group - develop strong empathic skills in order to maintain this deep understanding with other species.

The following "colour wheel" is used by some Federation psychologists in order to help understand the pigmentation changes in Invernians. Note however that an Invernian is able to pick up on many hundreds more nuances and subtleties than can be provided by any chart, or even perceived by many species. The difference for instance between a child worried about an exam, and a child worried by bullies at school; both would appear a light rose colour to most species, but an observant Invernian could tell the difference.

Invernian Emotion wheel


  • Quarters: Many decorative works from his homeworld adorn the walls, and a chest containing many small relics (some of which hold religious significance, many are just old things he's collected) sits at the foot of his bed.
  • Favorite Room: Having a certain affinity with the stars and space in general, Vash feels most at home in observation lounges and other places with direct views of the stars. He's definitely not fond of Engineering or anywhere with no external viewports.
  • Mannerisms: Very fidgety. Not necessarily through nerves, it's just how he is. Also tends to utilise a lot of gesturing and vague arm-waving when he's passionate about a subject (which is often).
  • Physical Limitations: Physically he's very fragile. He'd lose a fight with a tribble quite easily. He makes up for that by avoiding confrontation at any cost. He's not especially unfit or weak, he's just bad at it.
  • Temperament: He can get passionate about virtually any academic subject, especially space and astronomy. He's pacifistic - he understands that some times people have to die for the greater good, but would never be comfortable doing it himself. He doesn't wear a phaser (unless ordered, and he'd rather ignore a direct order than actually harm someone intentionally). Whether he'd harm someone to save his own life is a subject he has often thought about without any real conclusion. Harm, possibly, but kill? He's not sure.
  • Religion/Spiritual Devotion: Vash is extremely conflicted about this. In theory, he subscribes to the Invernian belief in the Josainari, who are supposed to have been an ancient spacefaring ancestor of the Invernians who delivered them to Ha'aijosa from another, unknown planet. Most Invernians live their lives believing this and many leave the planet in search of these fabled forefathers. Since joining Starfleet Academy and experiencing the vast wealth of cultures and their theologies and belief systems, coupled with the scientific facts Vash has since learned that contradict some of his religious teachings, Vash has become unsure as to who the Josainari really were, or if they ever really existed, and if any of the things he was taught actually have any scientific theory behind them at all. Vash believes that religion in many cultures is the result of trying to fill gaps in the knowledge of the race, and it continues merely because it's not convenient to believe that their entire race was wrong for all those centuries.
  • Rituals: A part of his religious upbringing that he still adheres to is The Convene. Whenever Solinari enters a new system that he hasn't visited before, he will take time to go to a place with a good view of the star, and meditate upon it. Traditionally this is done by Invernians to ask the star for information concerning the Josainari, but Vash finds it helpful just to calm and concentrate his mind every now and then. After doing this he affixes a small metal pip-like ornament to his ceremonial robe, to symbolise his connection to the star. Vash uses this aspect more as a measure of his exploration and a memento of the places he's been.
  • Ambitions and Goals: Prior to joining Starfleet Academy (and ironically, part of his reason for joining in the first place) was to use Starfleet's resources to help his people explore the galaxy and search for their lost ancestors. However, he's no longer convinced that the Josainari are what he believes them to be, so that has taken a bit of a back seat in his plans currently. He now wishes simply to explore, and discover new things, whatever they might be.
  • Personal Achievements:
  • Personal Disappointments:


Vash Solinari comes from a very traditional family. The Vash have a reputation amongst the people of the city of Josa as revolutionaries. Vash Sfini, Vash's paternal grandmother, was the first female freighter pilot in the history of the Josa Administration Freight Division (the government organisation concerned with freight and trade), for example. They have never been known to do anything "by the book", so it's no real surprise that one of the first Josani Invernians to join starfleet was from The Vash. In fact, it is widely rumoured that Vash Giananti was annoyed when The Zita beat them to it, as Vash Solinari was not the first of his family to apply.


  • Marital Status: None, as Vash is still quite young to mate (by Invernian standards) and has shown no interest as of yet.


  • Father: Vash Giananti, 66. Giananti is quite revolutionary for a Vash, as he is quite a traditional man. It was at his behest that Vash Solinari attended the schooling of The Celestine, and their relationship has been strained over the years due to Solinari's questioning of his teaching. Giananti works for the Josa Administration (the Invernian central government) as a Celestine Adjutant (essentially an office clerk for the spiritual arm of the administration). It would be dishonest to call him an important man (and he lays no claim to that title), but he does have influential friends.
  • Mother: Vash Sbrina, 62 is a much more moderate woman than her husband, and much more warm and loving towards her Solinari. She is a partly-retired artist (Solinari has one of her sculptures in a chest in his quarters), who sometimes dabbled in religious works to placate her husband but more enjoys sculpting nature and fauna. Blinded by an accident in her 50s, her sight has recently been partially restored thanks to Federation technology, allowing her to continue her sculpture to a degree.


  • Sister: Vash Melici, 18. Vash's sister Melici is much more of a person of faith, taking after her father. She truly believes in the teachings of the Celestine, and plans to join them as a Celestina (a holy person, roughly equivalent to a nun or a monk, meditating on the teachings of the Celestine). Naturally, this makes her Giananti's favourite child.

Personal History - TODO

Full Article: CHARACTER NAME Personal History

Timeline - TODO

  1. 232001.01: Event.
  2. 232001.02: Event, etc.

Professional Data

Professional History

  • Date Graduated from Academy: 239008.14
  • Current Rank: Ensign
  • Current Assignment: USS Mercury
  • Duty Post: Helm/Communications Officer
  • Achieved Rank Of Ensign: 239008.14

StarFleet Timeline

  • 239008.14: Vash graduates Starfleet Academy, and is posted as Helm and Communications Officer on the USS Mercury, under department head Lieutenant Mei'konda and Captain Aron Kells
  • 239008.17: The Mercury's latest mission ends, in which Vash has little involvement other than routinely piloting the ship. Vash enjoys a short period of Shore Leave aboard DSX.
  • 239009.04: Shore Leave is called to an end, and Vash rejoins the Mercury, beginning a mission to recover what is purported to be Iconian Gateway (or the co-ordinates thereof) being auctioned by the owner of the nearby Menthar Anchorage.

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