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  • it's orbit is approximately 121 million km from it's star
  • a terrestrial planet with a diameter of 14,309 km (8,943 miles).
  • a density of 5.1 and a gravity of 1.04 G's
  • an axial tilt 15% resulting in minor weather changes due to seasonal changes
  • temperatures are on average 33C during the day and dropping to 12C at night
  • Seasonal changes may affect the weather by as much as +20 or -20 degrees
  • approximately 27% surface water
  • a standard atmosphere with a pressure of about 0.79 earth normal, with nitrogen 77%, oxygen 21% and other gases 2%
  • with a year of 269 days, each day 23.7 hours long
  • primary terrain features are sand and rock
  • faint radiation levels centered around jumbled rock and large blast craters almost filled in with age


  • unknown at this time, as the only known survey was conducted by the Romulans


  • it has 1 small moon and 1 medium moon
  • Valdis Ia: is 755 km (472 miles) in diameter, with a density of 3.1 and a gravity of 0.03 G's. It orbits the planets surface at a height of 35,772 km. (22,357 miles)
  • Valdis Ib: is 2,954 km (1,846 miles) in diameter, with a density of 3.6 and a gravity of 0.15 G's. It orbits the planets surface at a height of 38,627 km. (24,142 miles)

Federation Encounters

On Stardate 238507.08, Fleet Captain Rocar was commanding a field team on a mission to the border near the Lambda Hydrae system in the Neutral zone when they detected two Romulan warbirds breaking out of orbit from Valdis I