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Four Letter Code RASK
Federation Status Member
Planet of Origin Raskor
Encountered Enterprise
T/E Rating T0/E0
Current Tech Level N
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"Most languages flow with their own unusual sense of logic. Mastering each new one is both a challenge and a delight."
a Raskorian statement.
The Raskorians are a species of humanoid avians who are master linguists, capable of learning and mastering almost any language regardless of the complexities and difficulty.

Home System

  • Quadrant: Beta
  • Location: Trinity Sector (coordinates B25-0005-1300)
  • Proper Name: Raskor system
  • Star: It orbits a class M (Red) star
  • Distance from Star: it's orbit is approximately 85 million km
  • Companions: It is the 1st of 5 planets in the system
  • Moons: it has 4 moons.

Home World

  • Proper Name: Raskor
  • Diameter: 19,478.4 km (12,174 miles)
  • Gravity: 1.28 standard gravity with a density of 4.6
  • Axial Tilt: 25.9%, with major seasonal changes
  • Orbital Period: 123 days
  • Rotational Period: 30 hours
  • Classification: M
  • Surface Water: 57%
  • Atmosphere: 0.88% is a standard pressure with 62% nitrogen, 31% oxygen, 7% trace chemicals
  • Climate: Mainly a tropical world with many tropical storms. (Planetary Weather Control keeps storms well with-in manageable levels)
  • Terrain: It has vast rain forests, jungles and dense growth.
  • Population: Just over 12 billion


The history of the planet is closely tied to the history of the people. They are a peaceful race, co-operative and driven towards mutual benefits. The oldest records show that preservation of the planet, it's environment and life forms was the closest thing they had to a religion. Everything they do is in conjucture with the environment. Vegetatians, they have built up a civilization that produces no none recyclable waste.

In fact in all of their recorded history their is no known occurance of armed conflict other than criminal acts performed by a tiny minority of the population.

They are intelligent and had a fairly advanced civilization, studied the stars and watched from afar with horror as the Klingons took control of Cart'hen III in 2193. Prior to that they had been contacted by Earth in the person of Captain Jonathan Archer of the starship Enterprise NX-01 in 2162. This occured shortly after the creation of the Federation.

With the sudden action of the Klingons so close to their home and with them haveing no military force or even weapons with which to defend themselves, they were forced to enter into a conclave. This was only the 3rd time in their history that they had done this. The first time was to write the laws that they still use today. The second time was to debate and make changes to those laws to reflect the changes in their society due to population growth and advances in science.

Now they debated over how they would deal with this possible threat. They knew more than they cared to know about the Klingons. They knew they only respected force, something they hoped to never have to be forced to reduce themselves to use. The Romulans seemed to similar for their liking as well. Their were no other great space powers close enough to help.

It was during this conclave, which is a meeting in which every citizen of the planet is given an opportunity to voice his opinion that they came up with a possible solution. One they hoped would save their world with out affecting their cultural identity.

They contacted the Vulcans, a race with whom they had, had prior contact, stated their problem and asked for help. The Vulcans then considered the request. Then passed it along to the other members of the Federation. It was a long process, with many of the idea's and suggestions turned down. However a solution was finally chosen. The 4 medium moons in orbit around their homeworld would be converted to weapons platforms. This would be in keeping with their laws against weapons as the weapons would never touch the planet's surface.

The construction on all 4 moons was started in 2217 and finished in 2228. Dureing the 11 years of this amazing project over 1.5 million humans from the region of the United Kingdom on Earth were transported to Raskor at their expense to work on the project. Almost all of these workers then settled on New Scotland, a newly colonized planet not that far away.

Due to the good will created by the generous assistance given by the Federation, the people went into a 4th conclave in 2289 and upon it's completion in 2316 requested admission into the Federation.


With an overall population in excess of 12 billion the fact that the Raskorian system of government functions so well is supriseing to many. With 10 seperate councils, each responsible for a different and important aspect of the overall government and over 1,000 members on each council it is easy to understand why offworlders have been confused.

Even more so when for one reason or another all 10 councils meet to report on their various achievments and activities. It is at this time that each council has a chance to voice ideas, concerns or needs that are better addressed or answered by members of a different council than the one they are a member of.


The native Raskorian's are a peaceful people. The men stand on average about 5' and weight about 100 lbs at full growth, while the females are on average 4'10" and weight about 90 lbs. They have 3 long toes and usually never wear any kind of foot gear. They also have 2 fingers and 1 opposable thumb on their hands. All 3 of these fingers are long and slender.

They are decended from avian stock haveing evolved into the dominant life form. They have very soft colorful greenish blue, green or blue feathers that cover their whole bodies escept for the bottoms of their feet and the palms of their hands. While normally these feathers are extremely tiny they do have larger more distinctive feathers that stand up on their heads. The feathers on their heads come in a almost impossible array of color's, length's, types and patterns but in many cases they are simply an extension of the colors found on their main body. It is by this method that most of them can tell each other apart. Their beaks are large elaborate and impossible to miss.


Their lips are hard, forming a avian like mouth but with the beak being wider than it sticks out from their face. They have no nose, but instead have 2 small slits in the section of the beak that ends just under their eye's. For that matter they don't have any external ears either, mearly a small curved opening on the side of their heads.

As they evolved and adapted they lost the ability to fly. Scientists believe this was partly due to the higher gravity that makes it impossible for large birds to fly very well on Raskor. It is due to the higher gravity that they slowly changed, loseing their ability to fly as they got bigger.


They also have one of the most complex languages in the know galaxy with over 7,300 different sounds used in various combinations to produce their spoken language. As a result of the extreme complexity involved in their language they seem to be able to learn other languages rather rapidly. It is not unknown for an average adult to be able to master a dozen languages and be able to speak them as accurately as a native would.


Most natives have no wish or inclination to ever travel off world. They tend to have a very narrow view of travel. For them their world is the begining and the end of all that is important. Those few that do travel off world usually try to return as soon as possible. In a few cases some have stayed away to long and have suffered from failing health. Strangely enough their health soon improved once they were returned to their home world.


The Raskor do not have any type of organized religion. They believe in the great spirit of the world below them. They celebrate this with 4 festivals at the end of each quarter of their year. They also observe this by working hard to keep the environment clean and safe for all beings.


The natives talk about the planet like it is a living person, one who cares for them as long as they care for her.


They have a representative government and a society that gives every single citizen a voice. They cooperate to a degree almost unheard of. They care for one another and it is not unusual for any one citizen to be able to name and describe every other single citizen in their district even though their could be as many as a half million.



Music and song, especially vocal choirs where voices are used to replace musical instruments are the norm. However they do have and use over 1,300 different types of musical instruments, some of which are so intricate that they take years to master.


While music is their prefered form of expression they also use dance at times to compliment the music and tell a story or just to enthrall the senses.


They have a number of unique customs. Most of them involve their love for their homeworld. Examples of these is that at some point everyday, every citizen with take some time to sing to some kind of plant life. At sunrise and sunset every citizen with face the sun and at the exact moment that the sun comes into view or vanish's from sight they will sing a short scale of musical notes.

Another custom is the greeting of others. They do not touch in any way. What the do is sing a short musical melody, followed by a slight nod of their heads.


The Raskorians are a technologically adept race, comparable to the Federation in certain specific areas. They excel at those sciences that deal with preserving the planet and it's ecology as well as safe energy production and recycling. Raskorians botanists are considered some of the finest scientific minds in the sector. However the Raskors have little interest in spacefaring technology, robotics or weapons. While capable of interstellar travel the Raskorians have never developed an engine more complex than an impulse drive and prefer to devote their time and energy to developing better subspace communication and plant based medicines.


The single tiny moon has been hollowed out and converted into a high tech, upgraded fully modern space station. All traffic to and from the planet goes through this station. It can handle an extremely large amount of daily traffic. Security on the station is provided by the Raskor Security Force, an organization that employs non-Raskorians.

In most cases no single Raskorian would ever work on or with a weapon system or even a defensive system. This is the main reason why outsiders, and Starfleet personnel, primarily Starfleet Marines are hired or employed in the care and control of all 4 defensive moons and the Raskor Security Force.

The Raskorians do not have any military forces, however they do provide all the support needed to a detatchment of Starfleet Marines who provide the security and workforce that maintain and supervise the military defensive facilities that were built on all 4 of their larger moons.

Any other military needs are supplied by the Federation. Since the establishment of an embassy on Raskor, the Federation has supplied greater defensive support to the planet. Abiding by the Raskorians wishes most of the upgraded technology and added personnel are focused on defensive rather than offensive upgrades to the planetary systems.

Raskor Security Force

The Raskor Security Force is made up primarily of off worlders hired to act as a police force. They operate out of the space station built on and into the tiny moon that orbits the planet's surface. They also operate over 20 small police frigates with a maximum crew of 25 people per ship. These ships normally operate with a crew of 15.

While it is true that this force is made up almost entirely of off worlders hired to protect the Raskorian people an occassional native Raskorian can be found within their ranks. These individuals have commited grave acts of physical aggression on the planets surface. Their punishment under the law is permanent banishment from the planets surface and the choice of serveing in the Security Force for life or banishment from the Raskor star system for life.

Federation Intelligence Files

Before 2390 the Raskorian people have shown very little interest in the affairs of the Federation or any of it's member worlds. The only exception to this has been to allow a small team of specialists in power management, recycling and waste reduction to occasionally travel to a planet in need of their skills.

Following an upswing in terrorist violence in the trinity sector the Raskorian people voted to allow a larger Federation presence on Raskor I. The Federation established a small embassy, mostly comprised of diplomatic forces on Raskor. Along with this force was a small amount of Starfleet defense specialists that worked with the military base on the Raskor moon to enhance the planetary defenses. So far this embassy has flourished, creating good connections between the Federation and the Raskorians. As of 2393 the Embassy was home to 250 Starfleet personnel, under the command of Commodore Allan Kinney.


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