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USS ArtemisA-logo.png Medical Department Starfleet Medical.png
USS Artemis

Chief Medical Officer’s Office

The Chief Medical Officer is a senior staff-level position, typically held by a lieutenant commander or commander who is a doctor of medicine with surgical skills. The Resident CMO of the USS Artemis-A is Commander Genkos Adea.

Specific Duties

CMOs aboard a Starship or Starbase are directly in charge of Medical Personnel and the facilities commonly used to facilitate healthcare aboard the posting. The CMO's primary duties are the oversight and maintenance of the overall health and physical fitness of crew and passengers. Officers likely to be assigned as the CMO over long-duration missions of exploration have scientific training in disciplines outside of medicine allowing them to take on major, extended research projects or to better participate in a wider variety of encounters.

Medical authority

In addition to the normal duties of an officer, Starfleet Order 104 Section C gives CMOs the power to relieve an officer or crewman, including a superior one, of their duties if in the CMO's professional judgement, the officer in question is medically unfit. Typically, the CMO is expected to have the support of a senior command officer or detailed medical documentation to justify this course of action. Furthermore, as standard medical procedure, the CMO has full medical authority over any patient officially admitted into their care in their facility, including superior officers, until they are formally released from care. The CMO has the authority to order officers to do things that would be beneficial to their health, like sleeping or taking a period of leave.


The Chief Medical Officer's Office is located in Sickbay. As with the Captain's Ready Room, it is an area for the CMO to work in privacy or conduct meetings with patients, staff, and others. Its close location allows the CMO to be present in Sickbay almost immediately.

Primary Sickbay

The Mark I of the Medical Muppet Teller.

The Artemis-A’s Primary Sickbay is presided over by the Chief Medical Officer (CMO), a senior staff member. The CMO is supported by various doctors and nurses. The area is also used for certain analyses of new lifeforms a starship might encounter and for developing treatments for unknown diseases or illnesses. When rendering aid to a stricken planet or spacecraft, the Sickbay staff treat and care for the wounded. The Sickbay is also equipped with a number of workstations that the on-duty medical staff utilizes to update medical journals, access medical journals on specific species or alternative treatments or conduct rudimentary research that doesn’t require actual lab-time.

The Emergency Medical Hologram

The Emergency Medical Hologram is an asset to medical personnel introduced in 2370. It can be activated in the event of a major emergency or loss of the medical staff. The EMH on board the Artemis-A was first activated on SD 240006.27 , and was a Muppet-lifeform in the uncanny likeness of Commander Geoffrey Teller, the Engineer responsible for its installation.[1] CMO Adea has since made significant efforts in reinstating the standard Starfleet-issued EMH.[2]

Null-gravity Treatment Unit

The Null-gravity Treatment Unit (NTU) is a small area of Sickbay that has no artificial gravity. This area is reserved for specific treatments. The patients are equipped with a harness that is controlled by a localized tractor beam, which not only prevents the patients from drifting during treatment but can also be adjusted continuously to allow for better access for medical personnel. The NTU is marked by a yellow line on the Sickbay’s flooring, that denotes where the transitional erdge between nill-grav to standard gravity exists. [3]


The Sickbay is located right next to the main turbolift at the entrance to the medical section.

Secondary Sickbay

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Other Facilities

Medical Laboratories 1-3

The medical section has three small laboratory facilities. The Chief Medical Officer or other medical personnel can monitor experiments or run tests here during their duty shift. The laboratories are equipped with a full bio-isolation field. These three labs are connected to the main Sickbay and ICU to allow for quick access.

Intensive Care Unit

Four biobeds line the walls of the medical section's Intensive Care Unit (ICU). These are for patients receiving medical care and are equipped with biofunction monitors. There are also three private rooms that are available for long-term patients. The ICU is directly across from the Main Sickbay.

Surgical Ward & Critical Care Unit

The Artemis-A comes fully equipped with a separate ward for major surgeries and the treatment of critical patients. The Surgical Ward houses three separate units with their own biobeds, with large, sophisticated sensor clusters above each bed. Working in conjunction with a medical tricorder, these sensor suites give detailed information about a patient's condition. The beds are also designed to use surgical support frames. The Surgical Ward is on the opposite end of the medical facilities from the Isolation Suites and the Morgue.

Isolation Suites

The Isolation Suites are two rooms with four biobeds in each, and can be sequestered to run on their own replicator and life support systems, so as to avoid cross contamination outside the suites. It is located at the far end of the medical facilities next to the Morgue.


A Morgue is a facility or specific area used to store the bodily remains of the recently deceased for purposes of identification of the body, autopsy, and other postmortem activities. The Morgue is located at the back of the medical section near the Isolation suites.

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