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Thirteenth House of Betazed

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The 13th House of Betazed is one of many ancient houses on Betazed. To be a member of such a social class in Betazoid culture is to be considered descendants of the Goddess, Karawati, herself and a part of influential ancestry. The 13th House in particular holds the qualities of Peace and Protection, often to be believed and interpreted as the protectors of Betazed herself. Members of Houses are active in the dynamics and politics of their planet. Most heads of House of the last century have come from the Devar family.

The lavish estate has been upheld for generations and is located in Mestara, a city placed exotically on the continent in the southern-west region. A staff of 125 tentatively keeps the house in running order. Set serenely a top of a small hill, surrounded by lush vegetation and overlooking a shimmering lake, this picturesque home is nothing short but breathtaking. There is a Mediterranean feel to the décor and landscape.

Along with old fortune and the Sacred Book and Scepter of Betazed, the head of house carries the noble title of either “Divine Lord of Peace and Protection” or “Divine Lady of Peace and Protection”.

Among the many accomplishments the 13th House has placed in Betazed culture, the Heads of House have marked their place in their world.

Known members

Prestigious House Leaders

Katiya Devar

(Served 2319-2350)
Mother of Devyn and Raina Devar, Katiya was a regal woman with a fiery tongue and had spunk in her step. She was honest and stressed the importance of Betazoid history as their planet affiliated with the Federation. Her biggest fear was the loss of knowledge of their culture and history. She passed away, still holding true to her beliefs, and held her title through her last breaths.

Devyn Devar

(Served 2350-2372)
Known as a man with a passion for words, Devyn helped pave the way for male Betazoids in his society. Becoming a well known and respected delegate and Ambassador, he passed away trying to negotiate relations with the Romulans. During the destruction of his small ship, he was transported to the Mirror Universe by the Terran Resistance and inevitably met his fate there.

Sumein Devar-Ailyn

(Served 2372-2384)
Son of Raina. A history expert, young Sumein took the reins of the House after Devyn’s premature demise. Well dressed and considered a wine snob by some, Sumein released his presence when he married into the 2nd House. It was while Sumein was in charge, in 2379, that the artifacts of the House become stolen. The House has lost some credibility, especially when it was announced by the Peace Keepers that the one who stole them was a member of the house. However, he holds respect for standing by Betazed during it's invasion by the Dominion in 2374 and battled for his people's freedom during their brief occupation.

Alana Culemerwin Devar

(Served 2384-Present)
Former Starfleet Lieutenant Commander, Alana is the middle child of Devyn Devar and is considered by some an influential and triumphant woman of stature. Having been born with her abilities at their peak state, Alana has led a troubled life, especially when it came from deciphering her emotions and thoughts from others. Leaving her life in Starfleet to be with her family, Alana took over in a lavish ceremony in 2384 to help rebuild the credibility of the house after her brother, Galwyn, returned the house’s artifacts. Her current contributions include opening an institute and foundation to aid with Gifted Betazoid Adults and Children who were born with their abilities. It is dedicated to helping those that suffer from mental ailments afflicted by their telepathy/empathy. Being born with the gift of telepathy, Alana has compassion for those that have suffered as she has and is adamant in shedding light on ways to help and understand the condition.