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The following information refers to a possible future revealed in the USS Veritas mission "Flashpoint".

Caslo Eislas is an elderly Betazoid noble of the Twentieth House of Betazed. He works closely with Seri Polgonz to maintain the morale of Federation citizens in a trying time.

Having grown with older brother Aagan, Caslo was more used to taking a secondary role in regards to the House's political and support obligations, choosing instead to focus on small colony creativity. He has an artistic side never taken for granted, often seeing the galaxy in a multi-coloured spectrum, but Caslo had never up to that point discussed these artistic values to those outside his immediate family. However, when Aagan is forcefully taken for servitude under the Tholian Assembly in 2411, Caslo is forced to take his brother's vocal place.

With the Twentieth House of Betazed under the joint guidance of Seri and Caslo, the two Betazoids choose to pull their support supplies always offered by the noble house and move their attention to those affected within the heart of Federation space, all but ignoring their House ideals. This results in an uproar, the house near-decimated by negative public opinion and lack of fellow noble support, but the two persevere and charge forward with their newfound position. The action proves correct when those of other noble houses are either lost in conflict due to ongoing diplomatic/relief efforts (or even just being in the wrong place at the wrong time), or are run dry of resources. Nobles who remain regroup with Seri and Caslo, and the united noble houses begin to source new ways of supporting their people.

With supplies successfully rationed, but colonies on the fringe of the Federation now abandoned due to both constant threat by the Tholians and a lack of resources, Caslo and Seri instead began to focus their attention on the colonies nearby the Romulan borders.

By 2491, Caslo finds himself too old to continue supporting the Twentieth House, so 'retires' to the relative safety of Duronis II, choosing to promote creativity even in the darkest of times.