Seri Polgonz

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Seri Meizner Polgonz, circa 2397

Lady Seri ma'Soar Meizner Polgonz is a Betazoid daughter and the current Matriarch of the Twentieth House of Betazed. She was presented the title in 2377 by her grandfather Albion Meizner-Polgonz following a dispute with cousins from the "other side" of the family. In an effort to maintain the Twentieth House's interstellar standing, Seri works continuously with the Eislas brothers (Aagan and Caslo) by re-establishing the House's primary objectives - namely supporting colonies based on the outskirts of Federation space.

Somewhat controversially, Seri seeks her successor through intent of inducting new Betazoid families from worlds on the outskirts to continue on the House's legacy, considering the House to be "too small for it's own good".