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Tumar system Star  · I  · II  · III  · Comet

This star system is located at coordinates 14-06-17.

It is in orbit of a class V, type F3 (Yellow, White) star called Tumar. The other objects in this star system are

  • 1)a small gas giant, it's orbit is approximately 81 million km.
  • 2)a class M planet (Tumar II), it's orbit is approximately 163 million km, with a diameter of 15,541 km (9,713 miles). This planet is owned and controled by the House of Duras.
  • 3)a medium gas giant, it's orbit is approximately 218 million km.
  • 4)an unusual large comet with 10 smaller comets called the necklace orbiting in it's wake that moves between this star system and the Py'Lea system.