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Crew of USS Ronin
Lieutenant Commander Thomas Gregory


  • Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Ship: USS Ronin
  • Position: Chief Helm/Comm/Ops Officer
  • Race: Human
  • Gender: Male
  • DoB: 236008.??
  • Birthplace:
  • Height: 6'1"
  • Weight: 188lbs
  • Eyes: Light Green
  • Hair: Dirty Blond
  • Skin: Caucasian
  • Handedness: Ambidextrous
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Lieutenant Commander Thomas Nathan Gregory is currently assigned as Chief Helm/Comm/Ops Officer aboard the USS Ronin.



  • Hobbies: Physical Fitness, Basketball, Singing, 20th Century Music, Phonographs
  • Personality: Calm, Charismatic, Quick Thinking, Devious, Cynical, Intelligent
  • Achievements in Life: Participated in a recreation of the Apollo 11 moon landing.
  • Disappointments in Life: Much of his extended family, along with his twin sister disappeared near a system being devoured by a singularity.

Distinguishing Features/Characteristics

  • Voice: Moderate Tone, Calming with a tough/cynical self assuredness


  • Marital Status: Single
  • Father: Patrick Gregory (61)
  • Mother: Mary Nathan (59)
  • Siblings: Harriet (Deceased)

Personal History

Thomas was born on the Omega Platform Orbiter, which circles the gas giant Uranus acting as a long distance tracking station and research lab. From his birth to age 15 he lived there often, amusing himself while his parents conducted experiments on the 7th Planet. At age 21 Thomas took part in a recreation of the Apollo 11 moon landing sponsored by the Cape Canavral Memorial Association, using a Saturn 5 Rocket and successfully landing on the moon. The entire event was made to be as historically accurate as possible and preserved for posterity in the Starfleet Archives. From age 15 to 22 Thomas studied at Queen’s University on Earth and joined Starfleet Academy upon completion. He graduated 9th in his class majoring in Temporal Physics. Thomas is the caretaker of one cat “Mittens” and one goldfish “Harold”. As a result of an isolated upbringing Thomas has developed Enochlophobia and wears an artificial visor when outside.

Personal Logs


Gregory's Personal Log: "Much has happened since I arrived aboard the USS Ronin. After just a few weeks of shakedown via the USS Centris I was given my orders. I've met several of the Commanders including Ryan who is my Chief in H/C/O. As Mittens and I were getting settled down the Ronin took part in a war games excersize. The Captain and First Officer managed to show us up using the nearly decommissioned USS Polk. I feel good about where things are headed. There have been a few minor problems dealing with my family tree since I've arrived but so far I've managed to keep under the radar..."


Gregory's Personal Log: "My condition has finally stablized since my discharge from Sickbay. It seems I suffered a mild stroke and have been restricted to light duty until shoreleave has been completed. My time aboard the FTS Trade Winds provided a shock to my system. Our teams Doctor was lost quickly and I got hit by some kind of dart. I was drugged and eventually ended up in a jeffries tube with my suit depressurizing. Thank my lucky stars that LT Cmdr Maria was there to rescue me. We eventually met up with the Captain and found our way to Engineering. After those problems were dealt with we were able to salvage the new drive chasis from the Trade Winds. For my efforts during the mission I was promoted to the rank of LT JG. After my time on board the derelict ship I can safetly say I never want to be a Free Trade Merchant Officer..."


Gregory's Personal Log: "For the last little while I have been walking in circles. Temporal Vortex's opened at random intervals all over the ship starting on Deck 15. I must have displaced myself in time a half dozen times. Teller managed to stablize everyone and soon we discovered via our analysis that the new drive system - although disengaged primarily - had been feeding energy all over the ship that was resulting in those nasty effects. After the drive test was completed I was contacted by Intellegence. It's clear to me now that my easy ride aboard the Ronin is over. I'm going to have to be more careful about my actions..."


Gregory's Personal Log: "I must admit I fall into the category of those who felt genuine shock that the battle against the Romulan fleet was mearly a simulation. Another chance encounter with Starfleet Intellegence unknowingly led me to twart the efforts made by my grandfather to wipe a black hole - which claimed my sister and extended family - from existence."


Gregory's Personal Log: "We managed to hold the Surf Drive for just over 20 seconds. Our distance of travel was impressive for such a short duration but we picked up some unexpected visitors in the Corridors: The Extremeophile Spores. We were orbiting planet Draconis Gamma 7 when the Spores seeded the Northern Continent. Those spores attached to the ship died shortly after and we cut them from the hull using a variation of a mobile cattle prod. The Invernian Colony on the planet had been decimated and the Vaadwaur left mines in orbit. The USS Ronin had no choice but to withdraw back through the Corridors. Something happened to me while I was on the Bridge, for the moment I can't remember what it was."



Military History

Professional History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
004-Cadet1st-Red.jpg Cadet 1st Class 238608.?? Graduated Starbase 118 Academy Helm/Comm/Ops
01-Ensign-Red.jpg Ensign 238608.?? - 238610.?? USS Ronin Helm/Comm/Ops Officer
02-LieutenantJG-Red.jpg Lieutenant (j.g.) 238610.?? - 238701.?? USS Ronin Helm/Comm/Ops Officer
02-LieutenantJG-Red.jpg Lieutenant (j.g.) 238701.?? - 238703.?? USS Ronin Assistant Chief Helm/Comm/Ops Officer
03-Lieutenant-Red.jpg Lieutenant 238703.?? - 238712.16 USS Ronin Chief Helm/Comm/Ops Officer
04-LtCommander-Red.jpg Lieutenant Commander 238712.16 - Present USS Ronin Chief Helm/Comm/Ops Officer


2009 Awards

  • B Plot Award
  • TOSMA-1 Award


USS Ronin Missions

The Battle for DS17
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