Taken (Ronin)

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Late in 2387 a festival and remembrance celebration of the dead following the conclusion of Operation Bright Star was brought to a halt by phaser fire.

In the ensuing chaos a mysterious figure stunned the Captain of the USS Ronin, Toni Turner and Katie Garrison, a recently rescued teacher.

As the children and Garrison were taken away by the mysterious captors, Lieutenant Commander Tallis Rhul, now in command following the incapacitation of the captain, took charge in ending the shooting. After Tallis triggered an EMP surge, Lieutenant Commander Gregory and Lieutenant Jassa discovered an automated weapons perch, responsible for the firing.

Regrouping, Tallis and the crew, with the captain in tow, returned to the Ronin to begin locating the kidnapped children and teacher. During the chaos on DS17, Miles Unum and his marines captured several of the supposed perpetrators. Also occurring during the time of the EMP was a power failure in security onboard the station. The supposed perpetrators were taken to the Ronin.

Upon questioning the perpetrators, Miles Unum was able to gain valuable intelligence on the ship carrying the kidnap victims. The informant 'Lenard' provided intel on the method the ship was using to mask its warp trail. Science was able to pinpoint the ship and Tallis ordered the USS Ronin to give chase.

Hours later the USS Ronin arrived too late to stop the ship, a heavily modified freighter under the banner of the Orion Syndicate from entering a nebula. A last ditch effort to traverse 'the narrows', a narrow passageway that bypasses much of the nebula allowing the Ronin to make up lost time was successful. The Ronin fighter wings pushed back the carefully laid traps set up by the Orions and the Ronin caught up with the freighter, code name "ISIS", just as it exited the nebula.

Once the freighter's shields were down Away Teams beamed over to the Bridge and Transporter rooms. After some puzzling and horrifying trial and error rooms, it was discovered that the ship was on full automation and every room, save the bridge, had holographic projectors.

After retrieving the kidnapped children and teacher the Away Teams returned to the Ronin. A holographic program, codenamed 'Casper', was also discovered and is currently being held until its fate can be properly ascertained. With the fighter wings returned to bay, the [[USS Ronin]], once again under the command of Toni Turner fully recovered from her injuries and reunited with her children, headed for the Sol System.